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1 Post authored by: DheerajP_41 Moderator

This blog explains about a workaround to solve the build error in the code example "PWM GPIO".


After importing the "PWM GPIO" code example, you will be able to see the following files in the project explorer of Modustoolbox IDE.

The "libs" folder files are causing the build error which is actually not required for this particular application.



Please follow below steps to resolve the issue:

  • Go to Modustoolbox workspace directory in your system -> Open PWM_GPIO app folder, and manually delete the "libs" folder.

        Example: In my system PWM_GPIO app is created in "C:\Users\username\mtw\PWM_GPIO". 

                        "mtw" is the modustoolbox workspace folder.


  • After deleting the "libs" folder, come back to the Modustoolbax IDE - "project explorer", right click on the PWM_GPIO app and do a refresh.
  • Please do "clean application" and "build" or "program" the application using Quick Panel options in Modustoolbox IDE.


Software info:

Modustoolbox v2.1

PWM GPIO Code example  (Release-v1.0.0)

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