Welcome to the third session of the ModusToolbox Training Series!


In the previous session, we learnt about Digital Peripherals on PSoC 6 and how you can interact with them using the HAL, the PDL, and the BSP.


In this session, we are going to introduce you to the industry-leading capacitive touch sensing solution, CapSense. You will learn how to build basic CapSense Applications in Modus Toolbox using the CapSense Middleware Library. This session has interesting demo projects at the end to get started with building your own CapSense application!


Duration: 90 mins



The exercises created as part of this training series have been tested to work on the following boards. The exercises might need minor modifications if being used for a different board.



  1. Introduction to CapSense Technology
  2. CapSense Widgets
  3. Self Capacitance vs Mutual Capacitance sensing
    • When to use Self Cap, When to use Mutual Cap
  4. Introduction to CapSense Hardware Architecture
  5. Basic Terminologies to understand this training
  6. CapSense Performance Tuning
    • SmartSense
    • Manual Tuning
  7. CapSense Middleware Library
  8. ModusToolbox CapSense Configurator Tool
  9. Build your first CapSense Project
    • CapSense Initialization
    • Scanning and Processing
    • Checking Widget Status
  10. CapSense Data Structure
  11. CapSense Tuner GUI
    • Adding CapSense Tuner Support using EZI2C interface
    • Viewing CapSense Raw data
    • Tuning your sensors at run time!
    • Measuring Signal to Noise for your sensors
  12. Advanced Topics
    • Firmware filters
    • Multi Frequency Scanning
    • Pipeline Scanning using Low Level APIs
    • Liquid Tolerance in CapSense Designs
    • Built in Self Test
    • Gestures detection in CapSense
  13. Resources


Using the Training Material:

The presentation used in the video is attached to the blog. Jump to 1 : 43 s in the video to get started with the session.


The training material and exercises are hosted here: ModusToolbox Training Session 3 Github Repository


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