Welcome to the second session of the ModusToolbox Training Series!


In the last session, we set up ModusToolbox, got an overview of the software but we didn't exactly get our hands dirty by creating any applications.


In this session, we are going to learn all about Digital Peripherals on the PSoC6 and how you can interact with them using the HAL, the PDL, and the BSP. This session comes packed with plenty of exercises and by the end of it, you will have sufficient knowledge to create applications on our own!


Duration: 90 mins



The exercises created as part of this training series have been tested to work on the following boards. The exercises might need minor modifications if being used for a different board.



  1. A quick recap of Session 1
  2. What’s new in ModusToolbox 2.1?
  3. Introduction to Digital Peripherals
    1. PSoC 6 Device Architecture
    2. PSoC 6 Digital Peripherals
      • Programmable Digital
      • Fixed Function Digital
  4. High-Speed Input / Output Matrix (HSIOM)
  5. Smart-IO
    1. Smart-IO Configurator
    2. Look-up table (LUT)
    3. Using Smart-IO in your application
    4. Exercises
  6. TCPWM
    1. Overview
    2. Counter functionality
    3. Understanding HAL
    4. Using Timer in your application using HAL and PDL
    5. Using Counter in your application using PDL
    6. Using PWM in your application using HAL and PDL
    7. Exercises on TCPWM
  7. Serial Communication Blocks (SCB)
    1. Introduction to UART / SPI / I2C
    2. Using SCBs in your application using HAL and PDL
    3. Exercises on SCBs
  8.   Resources


Using the Training Material:

The presentation used in the video is attached to the blog. Jump to 4:15s in the video to skip the general introductions and get right to the training.


The training material and exercises are hosted here: ModusToolbox Training Session2 Github Repository


The file Exercises_ReadMe.pdf attached to the blog highlights the steps to import the exercises into ModusToolbox and use them.


In the next session, we will learn about Cypress's industry-leading capacitive touch sensing solution CapSense and how we can create exciting applications using it in ModusToolbox.


Have any Questions?

Feel free to drop in your queries in the Cypress Developer Community.