I am excited to announce the release of our Wi-Fi Host Driver (WHD), along with TCP/IP and TLS libraries in the PSoC 6 SDK. It's a first step toward the creation of a flexible, cloud-agnostic wireless development flow within ModusToolbox. We'll be adding plenty of new features and protocols to round out the offering over the next few releases.


WHD is already well-proven in the Arm Mbed and Amazon FreeRTOS ecosystems, enabling high-performance Wi-Fi support for the Cypress CYW43012 and CYW4343W devices. We have combined WHD with the popular and trusted lwIP networking stack and the industry-standard Mbed TLS implementation to create a robust and secure solution that is remarkably easy to use.

To add Wi-Fi to your project, simply add the required libraries; WHD, lwIP, wifi-mw-core and mbedTLS (optional) using the ModusToolbox Library Manager (which I have discussed in several previous posts - most notably Extending and Re-Targeting My Second ModusToolbox Project and Managing GitHub Libraries).


Adding the Wi-Fi Host driver, lwIP TCP/IP stack, Mbed TLS and Wi-Fi middleware core libraries to a ModusToolbox project.


Supporting the new libraries are some informative starter projects that you can use to evaluate and learn, then launch your next wireless product. The examples all start with the string "Connectivity" so they are easy to find in the Project Creator and they show you how to make secure (using Mbed TLS)_and non-secure client-server applications.


Choosing a Connectivity starter application in the ModusToolbox Project Creator


I am confident that you'll be able to jump start your next wireless application with these new libraries because they leverage all the ModusToolbox features I have been writing about recently. This makes it easy to quickly pull everything you need into your project, and nothing that you do not. I know I am really excited to try them out - so look out for some new blogs with some tips, tricks and fun examples.


Availability Notice: For about 24 hours after making this post the new examples and libraries were not accessible within ModusToolbox IDE. The New Application wizard was unable to create a Wi-Fi application. This problem is now resolved and application development is fully enabled within the IDE.