Over the weekend we released a major upgrade to ModusToolbox. The 2.0 software improves the development experience for PSoC 6 and Bluetooth SoC applications as well as being available in the Mbed OS and Amazon FreeRTOS ecosystems.


A big addition to all flows is the Cypress HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), which is a device-agnostic driver API. It simplifies the code you write for simple peripheral operation and, best of all, allows us to build middleware libraries that can be used in any flow you choose... from deeply embedded industrial control all the way across to wireless IoT applications. With a standardized HAL, all Cypress middleware - the good stuff like CapSense, MagSense and Bluetooth - will work the same way, and just as reliably, on all of our devices and in all your ecosystems. Our middleware roadmap for 2020 is really exciting!


ModusToolbox 2.0 also completes our commitment to distributing firmware through the web. ALL firmware libraries, including examples, are hosted on github so we can push out updates as soon as they are ready. It also means you can have a good old-fashioned rummage around the source code without downloading gigabytes of development tools.


Oh yeah! That reminds me... our firmware is now completely IDE-agnostic so you can use whatever tools you like. We obsessively test our firmware on the Arm, IAR and GNU compiler tool chains and our build recipes require no proprietary format conversion or mysterious merge utilities.


Interested? Of course you are! Now get over here and do some downloading.