We had a really successful workshop on Wednesday this week. Plenty of people attended and Alan kept them all engaged with his knowledge, humor, and famous dancing skills. He programmed a bunch of Cypress CYBT-213043-MESH kits to be lights and switches, created networks and rooms (aka groups), then controlled LEDs via buttons on the (switch) kit, the Cypress mobile app, and our desktop MeshClient tool. He even showed how to set up sensors like accelerometers and motion detectors, and integrate that functionality into the network (for example, by automatically turning on the lights in a room when someone enters).

Alan Hawse Electronic Design Mouser Bluetooth Mesh

What???? You missed it! Shame on you... actually, don't worry because we recorded it all and it you can watch it in our community site.

In the middle of the craziness, Alan manages to methodically explain how the network operates, what happens in the 7 layers of the stack, the roles of the nodes, the difference between provisioning and configuration, how security is implemented, and how the definitions of generic models enables devices from different vendors, with different capabilities (e.g. simple OnOff lights and complex devices supporting independent control of hue, saturation and lightness), to coexist seamlessly in a network without compromising functionality or user experience.

It was a pretty intense event but we had a lot of fun doing it! Here is the team from Cypress and Mouser who pulled it all together. I tried to pick a photo where no-one was being goofy... this was as good as it got.

Bluetooth Mesh video workshop team from Cypress and Mouser

From left to right there's Kevin Palmer from Mouser, yours truly, Alan, Christina Wang, Gehrig Castles, also from Mouser, and Matthew Salmanpour (who was very happy because, unlike his Embedded World experience, his feet weren't hurting).

Missing from the picture, partly because they were holding the cameras, are the production team at ON24, who did a stellar job of hosting the event and getting the video online within a day. Thank you guys!