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With a Pocket Full of PSoCs, of Course!


In mid-March MIT closed their campus due to COVID-19 concerns. Professors and students had only a few days of notice.  Professor Steven Leeb did not waste any time putting together a remote series of lab exercises for his 6.115 Microcomputer Project Laboratory students for a revised take-home experience. 

Students were issued a variety of PSoC 4 and 5 kits to take home and emailed kit guides and take-home lab exercises. No datasheets needed, and practically no other parts. Everything necessary was in Creator and PSoC. Professor Leeb called the PSoC his “desert island part.” According to Professor Leeb, the final project results were spectacular! Judging by these videos, I agree. I have gathered a few of the student’s comments and links to their final project demonstrations below:


“Wanted to reach out and thank you for such a great semester! I came into 6.115 with little to no hardware experience: only soldered once before, never used an oscilloscope or multimeter or power supply, never used a breadboard or microcontroller, never read a datasheet, never used C, etc. Without a doubt, this has been the best class I've taken so far at MIT; not only have I felt like I grew and learned a lot (for example, doing this final project would have been a pipe dream a few months ago), but some of the best moments of this semester for me have been in 38-600, up late at night struggling with friends.”


“Thanks for providing such inspiration to all of us in this time of crisis.”


“Thank you for an unforgettable class experience, even despite the circumstances. 6.115 is easily the best class I have taken at MIT, and it's definitely inspired me to do more awesome projects with embedded systems.”


PSoC Rocks! … and so do You!