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Welcome to the CUA blog


   Speaking at Student Day Panel Session Embedded World 2019


Our mission is focused on partnering with academia to ensure that professors and students have access to the latest Cypress technology for use in education and research. Services include onsite [and online] training and working with existing curriculum to update to the latest MCUs and IoT technology.

As this program’s leader for over 12 years I have seen a lot of great ideas and innovative use of Cypress technology by universities and students. Everything from projects that read brain waves, to robotics, and even (for you Star Trek fans) a tricorder! Having said that, we would love to showcase your student projects that use Cypress technology. For more information on this please contact me at .

Some of the universities we partner with include MIT, TU Darmstadt (Germany), and Tsinghua University (China) among others.

We look forward to sharing our activities and events with you in this blog. Subscribe to the Cypress University Alliance Blog see current events, ask questions and share ideas with our team.

Please visit us at for more program information.

Until next time C. U. A. round!