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Hello Community Members,


We have been working on refreshing the community site to improve the user experience and respond to feedback from our members. As our product family has grown over the last few years, we have added new discussion forums and content areas and we recognize the need simplify the navigation and design. 


We really wanted to revisit the site structure and optimize the hierarchy and placement of areas within the community to make navigation easier and more intuitive for you. As a part of this exercise we also identified that some pages could be standardized a little more so that you have more consistency throughout the whole site.


Here are the changes at a high level


  • Site map now has all areas organized under the hierarchy: Home Page, Index Pages (Product, Software, Topics)
  • Navigational elements within each of the community index pages now use text based links instead of images
  • Product and Software pages have cross linking
  • Creation of new Index Pages ‘Products’ ‘Software’ and ‘Topics’
    • Products now contains: MCU & PSoC, Memory, USB, Other Technologies & Wireless redirect page.
    • Software now contains: Wiced forums (Wireless), Modus Toolbox & PSoC Software forums
    • Topics now contains: Community Information, Knowledge Base Articles, Blogs, Code Sharing, Translation and IoT Developer Zone areas.
  • Index & Forum Pages all have search fields (defaults to current location) and Actions menus prominently displayed


     How does this benefit you?


  • You can now use breadcrumb navigation and view groups of product areas more easily
  • Pages load more quickly & navigation in the pages is now easier to translate
  • Search can categorize and display content more easily
  • Index pages have feeds from all underlying areas so you can have a broader picture of discussions and activity
  • Pages with consistent formatting are easier to navigate
  • Actions menus on all pages on the left side make it easier to ask a question


We appreciate your patience as you get used to these changes and hope you find the experience improved. We will also implement additional small changes over the coming weeks to address feedback and requests so please feel free to post comments here or email me directly:


Best Regards,

The Cypress Community Team