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Join us at the virtual OktoberTech 2020 on October 29 from 9 AM – 12:30 PM PDT, followed by a virtual networking session. This year’s event offers the first ever look into the combined technologies of Infineon and Cypress, a strong portfolio of product and system solutions for your game-changing innovations.


With a focus on networking and collaboration, this exclusive virtual event is an opportunity to connect with thought leaders and share insights that will drive innovation in security and connectivity, power, human-machine interaction, autonomous machines and memory.


Look forward to a robust conference program that includes:


  • An opening keynote by Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO and CTO of Infineon Technologies
  • 14 executive flash talks: our customers and partners will share their vision for the future, including speakers from Qualcomm, Amazon, Blumio, Reality AI, Spark, and more. 
  • Tech talk: Join Ashish Parikh, Director of IoT Platforms & Solutions Marketing at Arrow to discuss the changing trends and innovations that will drive the future
  • 16 glass room reveals: discover the latest demos featuring next-gen solutions in IoT, auto, consumer and industrial applications
  • Networking session: build connections with experts across the technology ecosystem


Register today

In less than five years Cypress has sold one billion USB-C® devices. With this success, the latest member of the Infineon family impressively underlines its leading role in USB-C technology and its strategic importance.                     


USB 1 Billion Skinny.jpg


To understand the significance of this accomplishment, we interviewed Mark Fu, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for USB to get his perspective on being the leading provider of USB-C technology.

Mark Fu.JPG


What is USB-C and what application is driving the volume?


USB-C or USB Type-C is the latest USB standard that facilitates:

  • A new connector design that is slimmer and more reliable than previous generations
  • Reversible plug orientation and cable direction
  • Transport of USB data along with DisplayPort, HDMI, or Thunderbolt signals on the same connector
  • Easy implementation of low-cost power delivery up to 100W

USB-C can replace all previous generation of USB implementations.  Since USB-C’s market debut in 2015, the primary adoption of USB-C has been in notebook computers and smartphones. In 2020, more than 70% of new personal computers and more than 50% of new smartphones will ship with USB-C.


How is USB-C used in these devices?


In smartphones, USB-C has replaced the legacy USB micro-B connector, bringing fast charging and orientation-agnostic cabling benefits that prior USB connectors were not capable of.  In a notebook PCs, USB-C enables one-cable docking, allowing the notebook PC to charge its battery, drive external displays and connect all peripheral devices from a single connection of the USB-C cable between the notebook to a USB-C docking station.  This one-cable-for-all capability consolidates various power, monitor and peripheral connectors into a single, universal USB-C connector that makes the notebook PCs thinner, lighter and more mobile than ever.


Do you see it branching out beyond smart phones and laptops?


Yes!! The fast charging, easy-to-use cabling and multi-functional connectivity attributes are gradually being recognized by many OEMs outside of PC and mobile markets.  I am expecting broader adoption of USB-C in the near future. For example, transporting audio/video along with power will find many uses beyond a laptop driving an external monitor.  Cameras, camcorders, projectors, game consoles, VR headsets, etc. can all benefit from USB-C by combining audio, video, sensory data along with power on the same connector to help achieve the necessary miniaturization in industrial design to increase mobility.  USB-C’s ability in delivering 100W of power from a standard-based, worldwide-accepted connector can benefit consumer, industrial, automotive and medical applications as well.


What is the next wave of USB-C adoption?


The next wave of USB-C adoption will be in power. USB has been providing power along with data since its inception more than 20 years ago.  Portable electronic devices have taken full advantage of it and made the USB Type-A port a widely deployed 5W power source.  The USB-C and USB Power Delivery standard brought two important upgrades – elevate power delivery from 5W to 100W (20V@5A) and allow power to flow in either direction between a host and a device.  Both upgrades will bring broad and deep impact on how future electronic devices are designed and used.  For the first time in history, there is a universal connector for power, such that all electronic devices—portable or stationary, battery powered or plugged into the wall—can be powered by a common power adapter using USB-C.  Think of future power adapters as household batteries we typically consume- AA, AAA, D, C, 9V multi-cell—the 5 most common batteries that vast majority of portable electronic devices use.  The manufacturers of these devices simply specify what type of battery to be used without the need to design a custom battery for each device. Fast forward to the near future, all power adapters will use the same USB-C connector such that every electronic device can share or reuse a common power adapter that differs only by wattage—30W, 45W, 65W, 100W—and not by the connector used, the manufactures who produced it or the specific product it’s paired with. Consumers will no longer have to carry a dedicated power adapter for every device they carry while on travel.  Manufacturers will no longer have to produce a custom power adapter for each product since only a handful of USB-C power adapters at different wattage ratings can power all products they produce.  By using a common USB-C power adapter, manufacturers can even choose not to ship a power adapter with their product at all, which saves cost and streamlines supply chain management.  When sharing and reuse is maximized by using a common USB-C power adapter for all electronic devices, the world would save up to 1 million tons of e-waste, prevent used power adapters from going into landfill. The bottom line is, everyone—Consumer, manufacturer, and mother earth—wins when the whole world converges to a common USB-C power adapter.


What’s the future of USB-C and USB power delivery?


The future of USB-C is – one connector that rules them all.  USB-C is becoming the de facto connector for data, video, audio, display and power, and it will be the only do-all connector on every consumer electronic device going forward.  USB power delivery will continue to replace traditional barrel jacks or custom connectors for power, and eventually become the universal power source for every device we use.


What might the standard be, anything profound on the horizon?


The USB Implementors Forum, the governing body of USB-C specifications, is in early stages of defining the next generation USB Power Delivery standard capable of taking USB-C’s power-carrying capacity from 100W to 240W.   The new standard will elevate the 20V limit to include Extended Power Range (EPR) of 28V, 36V and 48V and up to 5A.  EPR will have a profound impact on how all electronic devices will be powered in the future. If you're interested in buying an eval kit – here is a recommended dev. kit for USB:



We would like to hear your feedback feel free to comment below or send us an email.


Regards, The Cypress Team


Hello Community Members,


I am honored to work with such a talented and global base of employees, experts and members here in the Cypress Community. I hope you can see that over the last year we have been spending considerable time and effort to update and improve the community experience for you. In addition to usability and navigational revisions we have launched new programs and recognition for our members who take so much time to help each other and share valuable content.


Today we published several ‘Badges’ to help promote programs and help members recognize areas of expertise. Please note the system allows only 1 badge to display next to a members ‘Avatar’ on the content feeds. Members who participate in multiple program areas may want to have us help determine which badge they prefer to display.


Here are the different badges and programs available for our members:


Coding Expert

The Cypress Community Code Example Area is provided by Cypress as an added benefit for our members to share code, ideas and content around best practices in relation to software code development intended to be used with Cypress hardware.


          Badge                 Code expert blog post2.png


Translation Expert

This program is to invite and reward bilingual developers in the community for translating popular content in the community. We are inviting community contributors to translate from English to and/or Japanese / Chinese.


          Badge                  Translation expert blog post.png


Problem Solvers

Program to engage with and recognize top community contributors. Program information page is in the works, please send us an email if you’re interested in learning more.


         Badge                    rising star for blog post.jpg               


Cypress Partner

Community member works for an official Cypress Partner and has a great deal of product expertise.



          Badge                  orange P.png


Please send us an email if you have any questions or would like to learn more about these programs and badges.


Best Regards,

Cypress Community Team

Hello Cypress Community Members,


Even on a holiday weekend we are here monitoring the community and making sure to respond to your questions and concerns. We have moderation and experts across all time-zones making sure you get help when needed.


We also rely on you to report spam, bugs or other issues.


Please email me directly or post a comment if you have questions or concerns.


Thank you,


Sara Leslie

-Your Community Manager

Hello Community Members,


We have been working on refreshing the community site to improve the user experience and respond to feedback from our members. As our product family has grown over the last few years, we have added new discussion forums and content areas and we recognize the need simplify the navigation and design. 


We really wanted to revisit the site structure and optimize the hierarchy and placement of areas within the community to make navigation easier and more intuitive for you. As a part of this exercise we also identified that some pages could be standardized a little more so that you have more consistency throughout the whole site.


Here are the changes at a high level


  • Site map now has all areas organized under the hierarchy: Home Page, Index Pages (Product, Software, Topics)
  • Navigational elements within each of the community index pages now use text based links instead of images
  • Product and Software pages have cross linking
  • Creation of new Index Pages ‘Products’ ‘Software’ and ‘Topics’
    • Products now contains: MCU & PSoC, Memory, USB, Other Technologies & Wireless redirect page.
    • Software now contains: Wiced forums (Wireless), Modus Toolbox & PSoC Software forums
    • Topics now contains: Community Information, Knowledge Base Articles, Blogs, Code Sharing, Translation and IoT Developer Zone areas.
  • Index & Forum Pages all have search fields (defaults to current location) and Actions menus prominently displayed


     How does this benefit you?


  • You can now use breadcrumb navigation and view groups of product areas more easily
  • Pages load more quickly & navigation in the pages is now easier to translate
  • Search can categorize and display content more easily
  • Index pages have feeds from all underlying areas so you can have a broader picture of discussions and activity
  • Pages with consistent formatting are easier to navigate
  • Actions menus on all pages on the left side make it easier to ask a question


We appreciate your patience as you get used to these changes and hope you find the experience improved. We will also implement additional small changes over the coming weeks to address feedback and requests so please feel free to post comments here or email me directly:


Best Regards,

The Cypress Community Team

Hello Cypress Community Members,


We are excited to announce that we have an outstanding talent from our social media team who has agreed to help us with generating new content in the community.



Maritza Villegas has been with Cypress for 9 months and has enjoyed every minute of it. She graduated from San Jose State University in May of 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.


She is a huge Disney fan and enjoys visiting their parks. For fun she likes to stay active and exercise, spend it with her family and friends. In college she studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain where her love for traveling grew. She hopes to continue to travel and learn about different cultures and history from all over the world.


Barcelona, Spain

maritza spain.jpg



maritza disney land.jpg


In her current role with Cypress she plans, creates, and posts social media content on all the Cypress platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). She loves to write and find creative ways to engage audiences. If you haven’t already we highly suggest you follow Cypress on social media to keep up to date with Cypress’ latest launches and news!


You can follow and share Maritza's posts in the Cypress Community to learn more about best practices and various updates.


Best Regards,


Hello Community Members,


There is so much experience, talent and knowledge coming from our community members. We see so many great discussions and content being shared.

We wanted to introduce a living resource for all of you to reference:


Favorite resources, sites and blogs from our Cypress team and community members



We have broken content down into several categories:


  • Cypress Specific Sites
  • Project Sites
  • Product Specific
  • Cypress Partners
  • Communities
  • Blogs
  • Social


We also need content for the following categories:

  • Cool Stuff
  • Training
  • eBooks


We hope you find these sites useful. This is called a ‘living’ resource because we want your ideas!


Please add your feedback and recommendations for your top destinations.



  • Be sure to include the link and a description
  • The destination or resource must be free to access and/or download
  • Please make sure there is no requirement for special software, registration fee or purchase
  • We also prefer not to link to competitors sites if at all possible


Thanks for looking and sharing!


The Cypress Community Team

Hello Community Members,


Our team is working on a list of requests to optimize the community and also offer innovative areas to further assist you with leveraging Cypress products.One request came from several of our top contributors who really wanted us to create a dedicated area for members to share code examples.


We are excited to announce that we have just fulfilled this request by launching:


Community Code Examples.

code sharing area .png


As part of this effort we are moving all existing code examples to this area and categorizing them so they are more easy for you to locate. Please note that we are moving the entire discussion which includes the code to ensure none of the history or context will be lost. If you see code examples elsewhere in the community that belong here be sure to let us know.


We invite you to visit the Community Code Examples Area other members have spent considerable time developing some of these solutions. Before participating please be sure to review and adhere to the Cypress Community Code Example Area- Terms and Conditions (Terms) Document and also reference Sharing Code- Best Practices.


If you have feedback or ideas be sure to email us directly, @mention SaraL_86 or just comment on this post.


Best Regards,



The Cypress Community Team