On WICED Studio 5.2.0, when download_apps is used, the make process may encounter a segmentation fault.


We have discovered that both of the following make entries create a segmentation fault under both Mac and Linux operating systems:

./make BCM943364WCD1 download_apps
./make BCM943364WCD1 download download_apps


"./tools/common/Linux64/mkdir" -p build/eclipse_debug/

"./tools/common/Linux64/cp" -f build/waf.bootloader-NoOS-BCM943364WCD1/binary/waf.bootloader-NoOS-BCM943364WCD1.elf build/eclipse_debug/last_bootloader.elf

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

make: *** [main_app] Error 139


What we've discovered is that the segmentation fault occurs when other processes are running concurrently with the following rule in wiced_apps.mk


The fix for this issued is attached and should replace the standard_platform_target.mk in the following location: tools/makefiles/standard_platform_targets.mk

Note: This issue has been resolved in SDK 6.0.0