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This blog post has been created to track all issues related to WICED Wi-Fi security from WICED Studio 5.x onwards. This blog will be updated regularly.




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If there are any other threads on WICED security or BESL library that have remained unresolved, kindly let me know and I will update this blog. Similarly blog posts on other issues will be created if necessary.

Each Wi-Fi device must have a unique MAC address for communication through WiFi. WICED has different options to set the MAC address.


1) MAC address in OTP portion

Module Partners will program MAC address in the OTP memory of the WLAN chip. This will be unique and you can contact the module vendors for your know MAC address.


2) MAC address in DCT portion

DCT has memory for specifying MAC address. To direct WLAN chip to use MAC address from DCT, it is necessary to define global variable in the application makefile.

Add "GLOBAL_DEFINES+= MAC_ADDRESS_SET_BY_HOST" in .mk file in the project folder.


3) MAC address by User

If you don't want to use MAC address in OTP or DCT, you may redefine the WICED API function host_platform_get_mac_address() to provide your know MAC address when the WICED WiFi driver intializes the WLAN chip. You also need to set "GLOBAL_DEFINES+= MAC_ADDRESS_SET_BY_HOST" in .mk file.

You can locate host_platform_get_mac_address() under MCU folder, C:\..\..\..\WICED-Studio-5.0\43xxx_Wi-Fi\WICED\platform\MCU\BCM4390x\BCM4390x_platform.c

Upon Reset, the CPU will run ROM bootloader. Depending on the boot the following takes place

>> Upon Cold boot, ROM bootloader will run the second stage bootloader which will loads the WICED application into RAM and warm bootloader into Always-On RAM. Once the second stage boot is complete, the WICED application will takes over.

>> Upon warm boot, the ROM bootloader will jump into AON RAM and run from there. The warm bootloader will load WICED application to RAM.


The ROM booatloader expects that a valid image has been written to the SFLASH starting at address 0x14000000. If bootloader detects an invalid image, it will be halted with the CPU and waiting for an interrupt. The only way to recover, is to power it off and re-flash a valid image.

Different countries has different WiFi regulations and it is user responsibility to meet those, if operating in a particular country. Setting Country code parameter in WICED STUDIO will help us to meet those regulatory standards.

By default in WICED the country code is set to "WICED_COUNTRY_UNITED_STATES". Please refer to the following file in WICED

>> C:\..\..\..\WICED-Studio-5.0\43xxx_Wi-Fi\include\wiced_defaults.h


/*Country code */



If user want to change the country code as per his/her region change the above macro. Refer to the following file for getting different country code which are available in WICED STUDIO

>> C:\..\..\..\WICED-Studio-5.0\43xxx_Wi-Fi\WICED\WWD\include\wwd_constants.


If you have more questions or queries related to this contact us by the following link


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