** This is one of the ways to program an FTDI chip, this might be easier as it only involves one download and double-clicking a script. To use an FTDI config program instead, see following blog post for alternative method.

WICED FTDI chip programming


<FTDI Introduction>

WICED evaluation boards have a FTDI FT2232 chip which provides debug capability with USB to UART+JTAG.

To provide this functionality the FTDI chip must be configured with the correct settings, which is done by programming the EEPROM via USB with the correct settings for the WICED board.

The EEPROM can be programmed using the script in the attachment. The configuration file to be programmed via FT_PROG is also included: BCM9WCD1EVAL1_FTDI.xml


<FTDI Programming>

If you have installed WICED SDK then the drivers should already be installed. Go through the following steps to program the FTDI chip.

1. Download the attachment and extract the contents into a folder.


2.  Run the Prog_BCM9WCD1EVAL1.bat by double-clicking on it. Wait until you see "Re-enumerating Device 0" (You must do through step #1 and extract all the files, otherwise it will not be able to run)



3. Once this has finished successfully, go to Windows Device Manager and you will see the following:

- WICED USB Serial Port (COMx) under Ports

- WICED USB Serial Port B under Universal Serial Bus Controllers



4. If it does not program correctly, change the VID/PID in the BCM9WCD1EVAL1_FTDI.xml file.


    Note: it is possible that FT_PROG cannot detect your board.  This means that the USB VID/PID of the board do match the default      FTDI VID/PID.  If this is the case you will need to :

  • Open Windows Device Manager, and right click the device and select properties. Then select the Details tab and Hardware Ids property. Make a note of the VID/PID
  • Change the VID/PID in the BCM9WCD1EVAL1_FTDI.xml file.


You should be able to download desired image to the board now. Try it out with our basic snip.scan app!