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With Google's reinforced security measures, there are a few settings you need to change in order to use the email app successfully with a gmail account.


In /apps/snip/email/email.c,

1. Change the RECIPIENT to your personal email account that you want to receive the message in. This does not have to be a gmail account.



2. In the send_email() function within the same file (line 121), you will have to change the following to your own gmail account. Other email providers can be used for this but may have additional security measures. We have verified the process for gmail accounts so we advise that you do the same.


     1) account.email_address

     2) account.user_name

     3) account.password


     **Previously we have provided an email account as default to use as the sender, but with the increased gmail security measures it will no longer be possible to use this account.



3. If you try running the program after the first two modifications you will get a notification email from google that they blocked a sign-in attempt to your Google account. You will have to login to your account and change your settings at the following link to allow access for less secure apps.




4. You will also have to allow access to the new device from an already proven device(laptop, phone) on this link.




Press Continue and it will show the following.



5. In most cases the above steps should be sufficient. In the case you have the 2-step verification enabled on your account, you will have to generate a separate password in the below link.




6. Once you have gone through these settings you should be able to send an email to your account successfully.



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