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ADC Setup and Read

Posted by SeyhanA_31 Mar 16, 2015

The WICED host CPU's ADC port can be setup to read ADC data and send it to a remote host or client.


The App_temp_control application (temp_control) located in .../apps/demo/temp_control demonstrates  ADC setup and reading. This application sends temperature data (ADC data) to remote host ( The same data is served by the http server running on the WICED module and sent to http clients.  This is a comprehensive sample application with many rich features.


The attached sample application sets up the ADC using only WICED APIs and reads the ADC data then prints the read ADC value on the serial terminal.


The new adc_setup_read  snip application is located in …/apps/snip/adc_setup_read. Patch file updates the …/apps/snip/ directory with adc_setup_read application files.


In order to run this snip application on the BCM43341WCD1 platform platform.c and platform.h files needs to be updated. Attached patch file contains the needed changes.


Use the following Make Target commands to build the ADCSetupReadApp application.

For BCM943362WCD4 platform:

     snip.adc_setup_read-BCM943362WCD4 download run


For BCM943341WCD1 platform:

     snip.adc_setup_read-BCM943341WCD1 download run


The ADC values are printed on the serial terminal.


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