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The attached application creates threads, waits for each thread to end and then deletes the threads.


Each thread prints thread specific information on the serial terminal.


To synchronize the printing on the serial terminal, semaphore is created and passed to the each thread, along with some other data, as a thread parameter.


Block of threads are created and waited on to be joined before they are deleted.


Setting up and running the application:


Unzip the attached zip file and copy the "create_delete_thread" directory to .../apps/snip/ directory, /apps/snip/create_delete_thread.


Add "snip.create_delete_thread-<YourPlatform> download run" to the Make Target

     For BCM943362WCD4 platform: "snip.create_delete_thread-BCM943362WCD4 download run"


Connect your target module to your development host computer.

Open WicedSerial or serial terminal to observe serial data sent from the target device.


Below is the output captured via WicedSerial:

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