Thanks to SeyhanA_31 for putting this snip together.

It is a good use of the scan application, the push button SW, and the GPIOs


This "snip" will launch the "scan" snip, scan for WiFi networks and display the details on the Console.

The red LED will remain illuminated while the scan is running. 

The scan will repeat until the button press and the LED will go out.


Here's how to use it...


Extract the attached "" directory, to a directory of your choice.


Copy the directory to your WICED SDKs .../Apps/snip directory.  You will see the other snips there as well.


When you launch the Eclipse SDK (or Refresh/F5) next you will see your new push2scan "snip" populated.

push2scan apps new.JPG

Copy and Paste the "scan" make target and rename it "snip.push2scan-BCM943362WCD4 download run"


Keep in mind it has to match exactly the name of the directory "push2scan"...

Your "Make Target" should look similar to this



Double-click the target and let it complete until "Target running"  is displayed in the "Console" tab


Now have a look at your Console window.  In this example we are using the WICEDSerial Windows executable provided here:

WICEDSerial - Console tool to communicate to your WICED Board


You will see the following output on the console:


Notice the red LED is illuminated.  This indicates the "scan" is running.


Push SW1 (lower left corner in this photo) to "stop" and "start" the scanning and toggle the LED on/off.


Thank you.SeyhanA_31