Copy the WicedSDK source where you like. For this example the WicedSDK is copied into the C:\MyWicedSDKs2.4.1 directory.


1. Create an eclipse workspace at C:\MyWicedSDKs2.4.1.

Select "File" -> "Switch Workspace" -> "Other..."


2. Select the directory where the WicedSDK is located.


3.Create a new “C Project” by selecting “File” -> “New” -> “C Project”.

Project type: select “Empty Project” under “Makefile project”.

Project Name: enter MyWicedSDK then select “Finish”.

4. Select MyWicedSDK on “Project Explorer” tab then select “Project” -> “Properties”.

5. Select “C/C++ Build” then deselect “Use default build command” and update “Build command” to “${workspace_loc:/MyWicedSDK}/make.exe” for Windows.

Then select “OK”.


6. Select MyWicedSDK on “Project Explorer” tab then select “Project” -> “Make Target” -> “Create…”


For “Target name” type “clean” then select “OK”.


In the "Make Target" tab, the folder icon should be selected (if it is not by default) to show the “Clean” target command under “Make Target” tab.


7. Double click on icon to run “make clean” command for MyWicedSDK project.


8. To verify everything is working, let's use step 6 from above to create a sample scan application target:

For “Target name:” instead of "clean" enter “snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download run”.

Connect the appropriate hardware BCM943362WCD4 to the host PC.

Double click on “snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download run” to build download and run the scan test application.