Many "snips" or applications require you to associate to an existing router so you can obtain an IP address, ping devices, send traffic, and various other things.

This is simple to do by editing the wifi_config_dct header file.

In the directory on the left side of the IDE in the application you are running, there is a header file "wifi_config_dct.h" listed.

     For example: <WICED-SDK>/apps/snip/apsta/wifi_config_dct.h

If you open this in the editor window and scroll down, you will see the CLIENT_AP_SSID and CLIENT_AP_PASSPHRASE" define values.

Simply edit these to match your router credentials and save the file.

In the example below, the SSID broadcasting is ASUS and the PASSPHRASE is 12345678.


Compile, download and run the target and you will have success associating the the AP.

In the terminal window you will see the association details and the IP address: