• Set_Tx_Carrier_Frequency_ARM for CYW43455

    I am trying to implement some RF test software so I can send my product to a test house.  I need to be able to generate a continuous frequency at differing powers and modulation.  The Set_Tx_Carrier_Frequenc...
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  • HCI Commands to enable bluetooth

    Good morning, I tried to enable CYBT343026 bluetooth module by HCI Uart commands, but I can't see it trought bluetooth of my smartphones. To send commands to BT module I use CyBlueTool. I've enabled radio, set tx po...
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  • Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?

    Hi, I use cyw20719. Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?   Please tell me.
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  • Re: Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference (2)

    Support team,   From this thread: Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference and https://community.cypress.com/community/wiced-smart/wiced-smart-forums/blog/2015/09...
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  • Is it possible to obtain the scan timer value from the stack?

    Hi,   I'm developing a master application and wish to synchronize to a slave, which has a characteristic from which I may obtain it's advertisment timing.   Is there any way to obtain the scan timer value...
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  • Set device name command has Bug in EZ-Serial WICED Firmware V1.1.1 . Help!!!

    Hi, I am trying to develop a BLE application utilizing CYBT-343026-01 series modules and ez-serial firmware version  EZ-Serial WICED Firmware V1.1.14 . Gap_set_device_name command does not work according [1] ...
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  • Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference

    Hi,     I am trying to use the ADC but I need to understand how to adjust the reference for the ADC.   I see in the BCM20736 Data Sheet (20736-DS-102-R) on Page 13: "• There is a built-...
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  • A how-to for an SPI bootloader for CYW20736S

    I just wanted to write a succinct summary of what is needed to create a bootloader for the BLE SoCs over SPI in the hope that it helps other people who might struggle with the lack of documentation. Really, this is fo...
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  • Production question: Can we guarantee what is programmed into a CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BT™ WICED® Module?

    We are developing a system with the CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BT™ WICED® Module, and we have a question from production, as they would prefer not to have to program the module and whether it is possible to purchase...
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  • Bootloader for BCM20736S (CYW20736) over SPI

    Folks, I am investigating whether it is possible to update the [user] firmware on the BCM20736S. On the product, the 20736 is connected to a microcontroller via the SPI port. The HCI UART is only accessible via an ex...
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  • FW Update without External Memory

    I am trying to get to grips with the FW update process for the SDK, i have been using the uart_firmware_upgrade as a reference, but i am struggling to understand the following:   Is it possible to update the FW ...
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  • Timing and interrupts

    In my application, I use a CYW20736S and I need to implement a state machine. I have many GPIOs, UART, BLE, timer ... and multiple modes of user cases.   I know it's not possible to have a main() loop because th...
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  • CYBLE-013025-00 flux type

    Is the CYBLE-013025-00 washable?  As in, can I use water soluble paste and do a standard SMT wash process afterwards?
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  • How can app receive notification of ConnParamUpdateReq?

    Hi,   Please may I ask how my Central application may be notified whenever a slave sends a ConnParamUpdateReq ? Is there any callback I can use for my application to work with, or is there any way of overrid...
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  • CYW20734 Help:How to get into DUT mode?

    Start the BlueTool(ver0.1.55.1) application,save the UART option,then set the following options: a态Select7.3:Host Controller & Baseband Commands  from the command list, then double-click the Reset command.A...
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  • Read Flash Memory from CYBLE-013025 Device

    I went through the steps in this post (WICED Smart Bluetooth Forums ) to change my BLE Mac address to a custom value on production programming. However I am trying to discover if there is a way I can read the flash me...
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  • HCI-Based Bluetooth Testing

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  • Customising BLE_PROFILE_CFG parameters in the application

    Hi,   I see within the examples such as hello_client.c that a BLE_PROFILE_CFG struct is defined with all parameters, for example hello_client_cfg   const BLE_PROFILE_CFG hello_client_cfg = {   &#...
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  • BCM20736S/CYW20736S: DLPostResetDelay_ms meaning in 20736_EEPROM.btp

    Hi all.   I'd like to know how DLPostResetDelay_ms parameter of 20736_EEPROM.btp affects the BCM20736S programming procedure.   Is it written in the EEPROM/Flash and affects the boot timings at any subsequ...
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  • CYW20736S Sleep Mode Verification

    I'm trying to get the CYW20736S to go into regular sleep mode, but I'm not familiar with a way to verify this besides measuring current consumption.  How can I do this via firmware?  To be clear, I'm not tal...
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