• No route to host 113 while trying to connect as BLE central to BLE peripheral

    Hi,   I've encounter an issue while using Linux OS with Bluez trying to connect to peripheral device, model CYBT-413034-02, steps: Set Random (static) address to Cypress devices Attach using Bluez `btattach` t...
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  • Disabling flow control with btattach on CYBT-413034-02

    Is it needed to "Disable flow control" while btattach-ing (bluez) a UART BT device to a Linux Host? If yes, why?   This is specified in this tutorial, how to use the dongle: Running  BlueZ on CY Part ...
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  • CYBT-413034-02: "LE Set Scan Parameters Command" returns "COMMAND DISALLOWED (0x0C)"

    Hi,   Tryin to configure the LE Scan params for my CYBT-413034-02 device returns: Status: Command Disallowed (0x0c)   Complete command is: hcitool cmd 0x08 0x000B 0x01 0x04 0x00 0x04 0x00 0x01 0x00   ...
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  • SPI, UART and timing

    Hi,   I have a BCM20736S custom board and a second UART custom board. My BCM20736S board needs to always send and receive periodic data from the UART board. Every 40ms data is sent from the BCM20736S board t...
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  • Linux: OS disable just one of the two from cyrpess dual-BLE devices

    Dear representative,   While using Linux OS, is there any way to disable one of the 2x BLE devices, automatically attached, to the Linux OS?   There is a way to disable both BLE with this command, e.g.: ec...
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  • CYBT-343026 communication failed

    Hello   We tried to work with the device CYBT-343026 in HCI mode.   For short period it was working and now we can’t receive any feedback.   We tried to do the hard reset with no success.  ...
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  • Does CYW20719 support the bluetooth mesh function?

    Hi,   Does CYW20719 support the bluetooth mesh function? I see from the CYW comparison table on the web page that there is no mesh function. The comparsion table is as follows   CYW20719 in the prelimi...
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  • How to configure cybt-423028-02 module in deep sleep mode

    Development environment: Windows 8.1 pro Platform: CYBT-423028-02 IDE: Wiced Studio 6.2.1 Since we are not controlling bt module through any host, We had left the "Host_wake" pin unconnected.   Share step by s...
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  • RNG on BCM20736S

    Hi all,   Does BCM20736S support a Random Number Generator? If so, which Wiced API can be used to create a random number?   Regards, Sabino
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  • What's the difference between CYW20719B2 and CYW20719B1?

    Hi, What's the difference between CYW20719B2 and CYW20719B1?   Thanks
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  • Proximity Profile.zip file damaged

    Hi CYPRESS, I downloaded BLE Proximity Profile - CYW20719 / CYW20735 example from https://community.cypress.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/38-37254/Proximity%20Profile.zip , Unfortunatele, this zip file is damag...
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  • I installed Modus Toolbox -

    I just installed Modus Toolbox 2.0. I wanted to choose wiced_btsdk for Board: CYW920819EVB-02. I get the error message: Failed to locate modus-shell. I am running Linux. What can I do?
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  • CYBLE-013030-00模块如何使用

         现在需要使用CYBLE-013030-00模块来开发一个产品,但找不到所需要的相关的操作资料。现在有以下疑问: 1.按官网介绍,CYBLE-013030-00模块是一个无Flash的模块,那该如何控制或操作该模块? 2.CYBLE-013030-00模块是使用SDK直接开发?还是外挂MCU去操作? 3.若使用外挂MCU控制,该如何控制?使用什么接口?通过寄存器操作还是协议指令...
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  • CYBT-483039-02 documented PA/LNA control interface

    Where are the options to control the PA/LNA on the CYBT-483039-02 documented?   The instructions to enable the PA to increase transmit power are provided in Are there additional commands? - How to disable t...
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  • Which version of CYW20719 is on CYBT-483039-02 ??

    Which version of CYW20719 is on CYBT-483039-02 and other development kits? Cypress notes CYBT-483039 is not supported in WICED 6.4. It is still supported in WICED 6.2 and will be supported in the next version of WICE...
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  • JustWorks pairing example on BCM20736S

    Hi all,   I'd like to implement a JustWorks pairing procedure without bonding on my BCM20736S peripheral (no input no output capability). I know that it may be recommended to lower the TX power until pairing is ...
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  • Wake on BLE (via RCU) and remember which key was used.

    We're using the CYW20704. We use a BLE enabled RCU to connect to our product, (HID over GATT), and we can wake up from deep sleep by having the RCU transmit IND_ADV frames with a specific string as data.   We ne...
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  • CYW20705做USB dongle支持安卓环境吗?

    客户用CYW20705做USB dongle请问支持安卓环境吗?客户是通过USB接口和主平台相连。谢谢
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  • Hi,does cypress have a chip that supports this function

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  • Guidance to pick a Bluetooth module that support SPP or BLE serial port

    Hi,     Recently, I need to choose a Bluetooth Module which can support Serial Port Portfolio or it has solution to create serial profile.   Also, it needs to have RTS pin as well as bidirec...
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