• CYW920721B2EVK-02 Demo Project compilation issue

    Hello everyone,   I was trying to re-program the demo application that came with the eval board.   Through ModusToolbox, I downloaded the "Audio-20721B2EVK02"  application.  I was able to build t...
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  • Right App for My Application

    I'm trying to connect TI MSP430 series microcontroller to broadcom BLE chip(BCM20737) through UART. The expected BLE role is very simple to send and receive message(less than max 20 byte including message and payload...
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  • How to stop advertising on CYW20721B2EVK-02

    Hello,   I am looking at the hello_sensor example project, and I see the call to wiced_bt_start_advertisements(), which starts advertising, and I can see the BLE device show up on a BLE scanning app.   Wh...
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  • Programming CYBLE-013025 over SWD

    Hi there,   I want to program the 128 KB serial flash inside the CYBLE-013025 module over SWD but I'm having some difficulty getting it setup. I am able to communicate and enter debug mode on the CYW20737 microc...
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  • Allow connections from one device

    Hi, I'm using the 20706A2 with the audio gateway demo. I would like to only allow us to be "paired" with one device at a time. When we go into pairing mode, we delete all nvram data if we were previously paired, then ...
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  • Max number of GATT-Proxy and max number of Nodes on BLE Mesh

    Hello,   What is the limit to the maximum number of GATT-proxy (phones) that can simultaneously transfer data on the BLE Mesh?  What is the maximum number of nodes that can be on the BLE Mesh.  Is this...
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  • CYW20737L Certifications, Test Reports and Bluetooth Compliance - where to find?

    Where can I find Certifications, Test Reports and Compliance information for CYW20737L?   I see Certs and Test Reports for CYW20737S @ Broadcom CYW2073XS SiP Module Regulatory Approvals  Are these applicabl...
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  • CYW20737S versus CYW20737L - What are all the differences?

    What are all the differences between CYW20727S and CYW20737L?   I understand Receive, Transmit and Sleep current for CYW20737L are roughly half that for CYW20737S. Is there a penalty for that power savings with...
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  • Set_Tx_Carrier_Frequency_ARM for CYW43455

    I am trying to implement some RF test software so I can send my product to a test house.  I need to be able to generate a continuous frequency at differing powers and modulation.  The Set_Tx_Carrier_Frequenc...
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  • HCI Commands to enable bluetooth

    Good morning, I tried to enable CYBT343026 bluetooth module by HCI Uart commands, but I can't see it trought bluetooth of my smartphones. To send commands to BT module I use CyBlueTool. I've enabled radio, set tx po...
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  • Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?

    Hi, I use cyw20719. Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?   Please tell me.
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  • Re: Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference (2)

    Support team,   From this thread: Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference and https://community.cypress.com/community/wiced-smart/wiced-smart-forums/blog/2015/09...
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  • Is it possible to obtain the scan timer value from the stack?

    Hi,   I'm developing a master application and wish to synchronize to a slave, which has a characteristic from which I may obtain it's advertisment timing.   Is there any way to obtain the scan timer value...
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  • Set device name command has Bug in EZ-Serial WICED Firmware V1.1.1 . Help!!!

    Hi, I am trying to develop a BLE application utilizing CYBT-343026-01 series modules and ez-serial firmware version  EZ-Serial WICED Firmware V1.1.14 . Gap_set_device_name command does not work according [1] ...
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  • Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference

    Hi,     I am trying to use the ADC but I need to understand how to adjust the reference for the ADC.   I see in the BCM20736 Data Sheet (20736-DS-102-R) on Page 13: "• There is a built-...
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  • A how-to for an SPI bootloader for CYW20736S

    I just wanted to write a succinct summary of what is needed to create a bootloader for the BLE SoCs over SPI in the hope that it helps other people who might struggle with the lack of documentation. Really, this is fo...
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  • Production question: Can we guarantee what is programmed into a CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BT™ WICED® Module?

    We are developing a system with the CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BT™ WICED® Module, and we have a question from production, as they would prefer not to have to program the module and whether it is possible to purchase...
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  • Bootloader for BCM20736S (CYW20736) over SPI

    Folks, I am investigating whether it is possible to update the [user] firmware on the BCM20736S. On the product, the 20736 is connected to a microcontroller via the SPI port. The HCI UART is only accessible via an ex...
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  • FW Update without External Memory

    I am trying to get to grips with the FW update process for the SDK, i have been using the uart_firmware_upgrade as a reference, but i am struggling to understand the following:   Is it possible to update the FW ...
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  • Timing and interrupts

    In my application, I use a CYW20736S and I need to implement a state machine. I have many GPIOs, UART, BLE, timer ... and multiple modes of user cases.   I know it's not possible to have a main() loop because th...
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