• Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference

    Hi,     I am trying to use the ADC but I need to understand how to adjust the reference for the ADC.   I see in the BCM20736 Data Sheet (20736-DS-102-R) on Page 13: "• There is a built-...
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  • CYBLE-013025 external programming

    Hello,   is there some way to program the CYBLE-013025 without the Wice SDK in production? I could call the make command via command line, but with this the make is also executed completely.   I only need...
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  • "Windows error 2" when attempting install of WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.1-IDE-Installer on Windows 7

    I am attempting installation on Windows 7, and have made multiple attempts with the same error.   I download and run the exe, but only get as far as LaunchAnywhere going through the initial process as you can se...
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  • Eclipse IDE compilation errors

    Upon downloading and installing the windows version of the WICED Smart SDK, I can compile without errors by selecting a target.  But the Eclipse IDE seems to be using a different compiler, and gives me a bunch of...
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  • How to change Transmit power to 9 db on CYBT-353027-EVAL board ?

    Dear All,   Would please help me to figure out how i can change Transmit power to 9db on CYBT-353027-EVAL?   Thanks
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  • Recovering CYBT-353027-EVAL board, I already tried SW1 and SW2 combination to factory reset the board with no luck

    Dear All,   I recently bought 2 CYBT-353027-EVAl board. after first try of loading hello_sensor program the device is totally unresponsive.   I tried to factory reset with SW1 and SW2 combination with no l...
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  • Windows 10 Bond problem

    My BCM20737S device has now bonding problems, especially with Windows 10.   First problem: After bonding the maximal number of bondable devices, the newer addresses overwrites the first address section of the NV...
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  • Error when loading application: "recipe for target failed"

      has anyone dealt with similar errors?   Thanks.
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  • WICED sense 2 with WICED Smart IDE

    I just bought WICED Sense 2 kit. Can I use WICED Smart IDE v2.x to download the code to it and debug it? This kit is TAG4 type, isn't it?
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  • Problem building with WICED Smart SDK 2.2.3 IDE and making wiced sense

    Hi, I have two problem.   The first, I developed BLE product using BCM920737TAG-03 and SDK2.2.3 under windows 10. When it compiled(built),  errors was occured as blow. "makefile:184: recipe for target '...
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  • Dev Kit and Windows Driver for CYW20704 / BCM20704

    Does anyone know if there's a development kit for the CYW20704 (preferably with an SMA connector)? I'm also looking for the Windows driver. Actually, aside from the datasheet I can't find any material from Cypress for...
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  • Is there a programming specification document for CYW20737S? Can you provide the details of how it should be programmed? (For mass production)

    Other than using the WICED Studio, how can we create a own programmer for this device? What are all the interface can be used? Any protocol level details on how the boot code is sent? Any examples?
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  • Energy measurement tool BCM20736S and BCM20737S

    Hi,   in this document: BCM20736S Sleep Example Firmware  is a tool to measure the power consumemation. How can i get this tool? It is available in the SDK? How it works? I want to optimize my code for the...
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  • EVB with hello_client can't pair with Win10 PC

    SDK Version:WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.3 Module: 20736, 20737   Customer needs an application with Piconet feature to work as slave to pair Win10 PC. Customer found the SDK application hello_client on EVB can't work a...
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  • How to do OTA: Step by Step with PDF

    Hello Everyone,   I have created a simple 5 page PDF with numerous screenshots that walk you through how to do an OTA update with the BCM2073x/BCM2073xS device and the Broadcom SDK.  One key thing that I le...
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  • Verifying BLE connection on a BCM20736S

    I am working with a new PCB design using the BCM20736S. I am trying to verify that BLE communications are working between the board and a Windows 8.1 PC. I am using the 2.2.1 SDK's unmodified Heart Rate Monitor applic...
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  • Programming wiced sense

    Hi, We are able to pair and communicate just after finishing programming over USB. But on powering up after disconnecting USB, we get an error during pairing and no pairing happens. How do you disconnect from program...
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  • .hex file created on Mac does not work when downloaded from Windows???

    Hi all,   Our development PCs are Macs running OS X (Yosemite).  The SDK is 2.2 for the BCM20736S/BCM20737S.  So we have compiled, created .hex files, downloaded and tested them.  They always work...
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  • Cannot program BCM20737S, I2C problem

    I tried to use the I2C bus to communicate with an external device (accelerometer). I followed the i2c temperature sensor example and tried to write to a register. After that I can't program the bluetooth anymore. My...
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  • Windows 10 seeing "Hello Sensor"

    I'm having the same issue. My old windows 8.1 laptop could see "Hello" device no problems and I even managed to write a c# program to take pressure readings. Now windows 10 will not see the device. BLE is working as t...
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