• UART to RS485 - watchdog problem

    As a follow on to this closed thread: UART to RS485   What is the difference between P_UART_ISR_TX_FF_MASK and P_UART_ISR_TX_FAE_MASK ?   Do you have some example about UART callback transmission ?
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  • 20737 keep button(ing) causes system reset !!!!

    we use Cypress 20737 SOC and based on hello-sensor for ur application in some sensor query and calculation at timer thread (1sec-base).   However, we suddenly find that if user keeps pressing button without sto...
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  • System Reset occurs on receiving data over UART interrupt

    Hi,   I am facing an issue that my system reset occur when I receive the data on UART (85 byte stream). I'm using as describe:   1- In UART receive Interrupt function bytes are taken from FIFO 2- Parser ...
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  • the value of the key_flag doesn't change

    Here is my code for the application I am running. The value of key_flag doesn't change when the program flow comes back to create function. Also the what is program control flow for this? #include "bleprofile.h" #i...
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  • RTOS & i2c

    Hi all,   we are using a BCM20737S on a custom PCB, and have another question left:   From the comments in the forum, I assume the BCM20737S is using ThreadX as RTOS (please correct me if I am wrong) and t...
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  • WatchDog Disabling / Restarting

    Hi,   Info: SDK 2.2 BCM20736S   In my application's create function I now call "wdog_configure(FALSE);" because I don't want to use it anymore.   But I still get watchdog resets, I think.   T...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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  • Can i add while(1) loop in the xxx_Create and pet the watchdog in the while(1) loop?

    Can i add while(1) loop in the xxx_Create and pet the watchdog in the while(1) loop? I'm developing BLE application firmware based on WICED SDK, receive data packet from UART and response the command. For now parser...
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  • Too many debug log causes the device reset

    SDK: WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.0 Tag: 920737. app: hello-client.   Hello, I am faced with the Tag-reset issue during high scan using the hello-client application. When I try high scan, hello_client_advertisement_r...
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  • Wiced Smart Software Runtime -- Lots of Questions

    i would like to learn some more about the underlying runtime supporting BLE Smart applications -- the startup sequence, execution context, the tasking model, etc....  i realize this is a rather broad topic; but a...
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  • How to use Watchdog on Wiced smart SDK 1.1

    As title, Is there any API to use Watchdog on SDK 1.1?   I found some APIs in bleappfwu.h   void restartWatchdog(INT32 checkWatchDog); void watchdogExpired(UINT32 unused);   But there is no instruct...
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  • How can I get bcm20732s reset reason?

    I know that most of cortex-m3 core can provide reset reason for debugging, could bcm20732s can provide this function? If so, how can I get it?
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  • When to call cfa_kickWatchdog ?

    Hello,   I'm getting kicked by the watchdog when calculating the CRC of a file (~9K) during the OTA upgrade.   As I read on the forum, the watchdog timer is ~2s. I managed no to be kicked by calling cfa_ki...
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  • Is SDK2.2 with 920737 currently watchdog enabled?

    === SDK: 2.2. Tag: 920737. app: hello-sensor. OTA firmware size ~ 28KB. Phone OS: Android ver >= 4.4 ===   Problem: Now our product meets one problem, when handset is connected with hello-sensor slave, for one...
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  • Increasing/Disabling the watchdog timer

    Hello,   I would like to temporarily disable the watchdog or increase the timer.   Is there a way to do it ?   Thank you.
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