• Is it possible to obtain the scan timer value from the stack?

    Hi,   I'm developing a master application and wish to synchronize to a slave, which has a characteristic from which I may obtain it's advertisment timing.   Is there any way to obtain the scan timer value...
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  • Timing and interrupts

    In my application, I use a CYW20736S and I need to implement a state machine. I have many GPIOs, UART, BLE, timer ... and multiple modes of user cases.   I know it's not possible to have a main() loop because th...
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  • SPI, UART and timing

    Hi,   I have a BCM20736S custom board and a second UART custom board. My BCM20736S board needs to always send and receive periodic data from the UART board. Every 40ms data is sent from the BCM20736S board t...
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  • Re: HW Timer in 2073x (con't)

    Hi, Regarding this closed thread here: HW Timer in 2073x   can you explain a little bit that how can we access the register of a timer? I want to start a timer at a specific point and if sth happens later I wan...
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  • HW Timer in 2073x

    Hi,   As a continuation of this discussion: HW Timer in 2073x Could you possibly tell me how big is the counter of HW timer? Please let me know if I should create new discussion. Thanks, Wataru
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  • connection event -- bleprofile_sendNotification -- when is transmit queue locked out

    In my application, I'm trying to readout data just before it gets sent to minimize latency.   Currently I am using the 1.2 SDK because I use the 20732s module. I can't use the new features that give me a callbac...
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  • BCM20737S RTC clock problem

    I am working with BCM20737S and we have to keep track of time. We have an external 32.768KHz crystal and everything is setup  according to the rtc_sample example. Every second I check the time using rtc_getRTCTim...
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  • 20737 keep button(ing) causes system reset !!!!

    we use Cypress 20737 SOC and based on hello-sensor for ur application in some sensor query and calculation at timer thread (1sec-base).   However, we suddenly find that if user keeps pressing button without sto...
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  • Init Scan Timer_1s Stop

    Hello everyone. I have the following problem. When I put in the code blecen_Scan the timer 1s stopped working. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?
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  • app timer stop

    Hi All,    I use hello_client to develop my master client application based on SDK 2.2.2,  when it connected 3 slave devices, I try to connect the fourth slave device, after  a while, one connecti...
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  • How to set the SCA/MCA in BCM2073x

    Hi experts,     How we set/config the SCA/MCA for BLE connection in BCM20736? Is there any interface or API we could use for this setting ?   tks
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  • ConnTimer stopped

    Sometimes, when the master and the slave try to connect, it fails and the message I saw is "ConnTimer stopped"   14:13:49   ConnTimer stopped: 2 14:13:49   BLE_low_conn:timer(0)   What...
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  • Switching between untimed DEEP SLEEP and timed DEEP SLEEP

    Based on various parameters in my application, I would like to switch between timed and untimed DEEP SLEEP.  I am always using an interrupt to wake up on, sometimes combined with a timer and other times without a...
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  • the value of the key_flag doesn't change

    Here is my code for the application I am running. The value of key_flag doesn't change when the program flow comes back to create function. Also the what is program control flow for this? #include "bleprofile.h" #i...
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  • BCM20737S HW timer problem

    Hi BRCM FAE,   I tried to implement the hw timer in mybeacon sample code.I have already read the thread:Hardware Timer (hw_timer.h) usage  & How to use 100us interval timer?   I modify the mybeaco...
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  • How to Implement the HW Timer

    The attached sample app implements the HW timer. Run traces on the app to see the HW timer callback fire once every 100ms--10 times for every SW timeout loop.   The necessary components to get the HW timer worki...
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  • Resetting RTC internal counter (con't)

    Adding to this discussion: Resetting RTC internal counter   Can I safely say that the internal RTC Counter is not reset unless there is a signal on RESET_N, a disruption in power, or a watch_dog timer expiration...
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  • Resetting RTC internal counter

    When I try to set new time to RTC by rtc_setRTCTime(), the internal counter looks remaining. Then rtc_getRTCTime() returns unexpected time. Is there any way to reset the internal counter?   For example, when I...
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  • RTOS & i2c

    Hi all,   we are using a BCM20737S on a custom PCB, and have another question left:   From the comments in the forum, I assume the BCM20737S is using ThreadX as RTOS (please correct me if I am wrong) and t...
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  • BCM20737S, month always set to January

    I have a problem setting the current time to BCM20737S. Everything is set correctly except for the month. The month always resets to January, no matter what value I send. I am pretty sure that the time structure is s...
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