• Wake on BLE (via RCU) and remember which key was used.

    We're using the CYW20704. We use a BLE enabled RCU to connect to our product, (HID over GATT), and we can wake up from deep sleep by having the RCU transmit IND_ADV frames with a specific string as data.   We ne...
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  • BCM20737S RTC clock and setReferenceTime

    Hi,   I am working with BCM20737S and I am using an external 32K crystal. I am able to set the device to deep sleep and keep the clock running. My code follows the rtc_sample code and it is working fine for the...
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  • BCM20736 Sleep/Low Power and GPIO P0

    Hello team,   In our design , we use P0/P1/P8/P32 as ADC input and Pull resistance to each pin of value 33K to Vcore (Vcore is active during Sleep).   When processor enters Sleep mode, Low power current i...
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  • BLECM_APP_EVT_LINK_DOWN AppEvt Call-back missing after aborting Low Power Mode

    Scenario: Design is to detect probe. If no probe absent, enter Sleep/Low Power Mode for 6 seconds and repeat If probe is present, then Enable BLE Timer for 1sec.   On first entry to 1 sec timer call back. Abor...
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  • Sleep behaves different with modules from a different batch.

    In order to examine sleep-mode of the Anaren A20737 I have the timer interrupt running at 1 sec, disabled scan & adv, and putting it into sleep. One module sends a trace msg every second as expected.   I th...
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  • strange behavior of GPIO P33:

      We use the BCM20736S and we found some strange behavior of GPIO P33:   We want/must to use this GPIO P33 as an ADC input.   After power on or reset everything is OK, but after wakeup from LPM this ...
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  • Energy measurement tool BCM20736S and BCM20737S

    Hi,   in this document: BCM20736S Sleep Example Firmware  is a tool to measure the power consumemation. How can i get this tool? It is available in the SDK? How it works? I want to optimize my code for the...
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  • gpio_configurePin(0, 0, 0x100, 0)

    Hi, BoonT_56MichaelF_56      We have a question about BCM20736S enter deep sleep.    In APP of "RTC", when enter deep sleep, there is one configuration to P0 as below:   // Demo going ...
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  • The sleep current of CYW20719.

    Hi Sir,     I only find one example for CYW20729 hidoff mode.     The lowest sleep current is 0.7mA(3.3V) more than I expected.     Can you please advise how to improve?...
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  • GPIO Interrupt and sleep mode

    Hi,   The sensor has serial communication interface. When the BCM20737S send a request signal, and the sensor will generate clk and data(similar to 3 wire SPI). I connect the GPIO of BCM20737S and sensor togethe...
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  • how to achieve the flow control line function on un-Qualcomm platform in bluesleep.c?

    Dear In bluesleep.c use msm_hs_set_mctrl() to achieve the flow control line function,but this is qualcomm platform's function, can't look its code.Who has the bluesleep.c sample of un-qualcomm platform ?   the ...
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  • Issue of BLE low power

    Hi,   I have few question of Bluetooth LE low power. I can use lower connection interval and broadcast interval in slave side, and it can reduce the RF times of use. Did the MCU will went to the low power mode l...
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  • Switching between untimed DEEP SLEEP and timed DEEP SLEEP

    Based on various parameters in my application, I would like to switch between timed and untimed DEEP SLEEP.  I am always using an interrupt to wake up on, sometimes combined with a timer and other times without a...
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  • GPIO interrupt

    Hello everybody,   I need to wake-up the BCM20736S via an external button to ground that's connected to P2 of the BLE module. The GPIO is configured as input with a pull-up resistor and is generating an interru...
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  • Resetting RTC internal counter

    When I try to set new time to RTC by rtc_setRTCTime(), the internal counter looks remaining. Then rtc_getRTCTime() returns unexpected time. Is there any way to reset the internal counter?   For example, when I...
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  • BCM20736S "wake on GPIO" is calling interrupt handler instead of normal wake cycle

    On the BCM20736S, we are trying to wake on various GPIOs, For the most part, this is working fine. But about 20% of the time we see the BCM20736S wake into the registered GPIO callback instead of going through the nor...
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  • Forcing a software reset on the BCM20736S

    Is there a way to force a software reset on the BCM20736S? I would like to call a function from code that is as close to an external reset as possible.   Thanks,      Aaron
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  • How can I wake BCM20737S up by using GPIO interrupt?

    I saw the following thread, but I couldn't wake BCM20737S up from DEEP SLEEP mode. How can I make bcm20732s sleep and wake it up by GPIO interrupt? Are there any mistakes in my code? Please tell me what to do.  ...
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  • Current draw of BCM20732S while it is held in reset

    I am using the BCM20732S as a secondary processor, and the main processor will be determining when the PCB circuitry can be put into low power modes. For low power operation of the BCM20732S,  I am wondering if s...
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  • Low power mode in BCM20736

    Dear All,   I want to implement Low power modes in BCM20737 BLE chip. Are there an API's available? I read in few documents about power modes in BCM chips and it says there are 2 power modes- Deep sleep mode and...
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