• Which hardware or software is running RSA on CY 20737ST? .

    We are about exporting CY 20373ST. When exporting CY20373ST, it is necessary to make the judgment divided into hardware and software by Japanese law. Please let me know if RSA consists of hardware and software. 
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  • BCM20732S lesmp_sendSecurityRequest() to Previously Bonded iOS 8.0 Device

    When I use lesmp_sendSecurityRequest() to a iOS 8.0 device that is already bonded, the smp timer never starts, and I never receive the lesmp_regSMPResultCb() callback.  iOS 7.1.2 always starts the smp timer and c...
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  • Pair with multiple devices

    Hello,   We will be using a master 20737s to connect multiple 20737s slaves. We would like to connect with pairing and by looking at the hello client and hello sensor examples the API only accepts one key. The q...
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  • Pairing process with Passkey not completed - (MASTER: BCM20737S, SLAVE: BCM20737S)

    I reworked the Hello_Client and Hello_Sensor to enable the pairing with passkey. There is a defined at the top of the hello_sensor.c and hello_client.c : #define PASSKEY_PAIRING. This is used to turn ON this feature (...
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  • WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (2)

    Table of Content Overview            Preparing Firmware Image           Create Private and Public Keys &...
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  • Is there a way to change the EDIV and Rand in SMP Master Identification?

    We are using SDK 2.2.3, BCM 20737. Device always send EDIV = 0 and same fixed Random value during key exchange in the SMP master Identification messages. Is there a way to change this to a different value to make it s...
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  • How does function 'lesmp_setSMPRole' being managed when supporting master and slave at the same time

    Hi,     How does this function 'lesmp_setSMPRole' being managed when I'm using 20737 as master and slave at the same time?   My application need to support encryption for both link to master (as slave...
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  • Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generation

    Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on implementing cryptographically secure pseudo-random or true-random number generation using WICED Smart SDK? I am looking for a way to generate nonces ( number only used o...
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  • AES function

    I would like to use the AES function in \WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.3\WICED-Smart-SDK\Wiced-Smart\bleapp\lestack\smp\aes.h   However, when I run compiler, it gives the error:  undefined reference to `aes_set_key' ...
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  • First connection issue with Wiced device and Android/iOS app

    Hello,   When I try to connect for the first time a Wiced device (custom board) with an own App on Android/iOS I can not read UUID values. After the first connection I must shut down the device and restart the ...
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  • How to use encryption utility 'lesmp_aesEncrypt' and 'lesmp_leEncrypt'

    Hi,     Is there anyone tried these 2 functions?   I've tried to call these 2 functions in timer (1s freq) of sample hello_sensor.c, but it will cause firmware crash.   I'm using SDK 2.2 + TAG3...
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  • Change Encryption Key

    Hi , I am using wiced_sense example as peripheral & Hello_client example as Central with WICED_SMART_SDK2.2.1 . I want to use encryption & change the encryption key .. In both the example where should i loo...
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  • Prevent BondKey storage to NVRam

    Hi, In my application, I have a use case where I have multiple BLE peripherals (about 10 devices) which are rotated with the central.  A bond is made with each one of them, but the number of bond keys that can b...
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  • hello_client bond result always 1

    Hello,   I have a hello_client application with some sensors and a smartphone. The sensors can connect with bonding without a problem, but if I connect with a smartphone, I always get as result 1 (I think this...
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  • bonding issue

    I'm using WICED SDK V2.1.0 and BCM20737S as slave role, when i enable pairing and bonding, after the cellphone bonds with BCM20737S successfully, i change the passkey of BCM20737S and reset, the cellphone can connect ...
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  • API Document for lesmp_ series function?

    Hi BCM support, Since the OOB issue, we are reviewing all the example and headers, but we can not find any document talk about them. Please kindly provide useful document for the lesmp_ APIs. I also check the post :...
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  • Passkey pairing issue: Phone won't disconnect with BLE device after pairing and bonding

    Hi, Broadcom:   I'm working on a BLE device(no input, no display). I enabled PASSKEY_PAIRING same as Hello_Sensor apps. I can pair and bond with my BLE device successfully using Android phone apps. When I try ...
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  • ESD on module BCM20737S

    Where is it possible to find electrical specification ESD about BCM20737S module?   I'm executing ESD tests and I would like to understand what limits and precautions are necessary.
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  • Encryption API

    I want to ask if the SDK provides API so I can encrypt data for transmission.  I know that if the two nodes in the connection mode, I can use standard BLE encryption.  However, I want to ask if there is an e...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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