• Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?

    Hi, I use cyw20719. Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?   Please tell me.
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  • BCM20732S lesmp_sendSecurityRequest() to Previously Bonded iOS 8.0 Device

    When I use lesmp_sendSecurityRequest() to a iOS 8.0 device that is already bonded, the smp timer never starts, and I never receive the lesmp_regSMPResultCb() callback.  iOS 7.1.2 always starts the smp timer and c...
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  • Error when loading application: "recipe for target failed"

      has anyone dealt with similar errors?   Thanks.
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  • Sample BCM20732S PCB Layout

    Hello Community Members,   This BLOG should be used as a "guide" for creating the PCB Layout for the BCM20732S Module.   The first attachments are: BCM20732S_GERBER.zip - The gerbers of a sample layout. ...
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  • Download application of SDK 4.0 to BCM920707V2_EVAL

    hello,   I download application of SDK 4.0 by WICED Client Control to ram. the error: but the SDK 1.33 is OK.   I don't what is the difference between the SDK 4.0 and SDK 1.33.
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  • Customizing Advertising on WICED Smart

    Overview On WICED Smart device, the default advertising data includes Flags,Local Name, Class of Device and Service UUID, etc. Developer can customize the advertising data, this document introduce how to make a custom...
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  • BCM20732S not notifying with newer Mac OSX versions

    We recently noticed that notifications are not working with apps running on Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite and the most current version of OSX 10.11 El Capitan.  It has worked on previous versions without issues, and It ...
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  • Write Handler not getting called in Iphone Gatt client BCM20736

    Hi All, I am using BCM20736 BLE chip for one of the projects using WICED SDK to flash BT chip. I am able to put device to discoverable mode and able to find the device,connect to device and send notification via BLE ...
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  • Current draw of BCM20732S while it is held in reset

    I am using the BCM20732S as a secondary processor, and the main processor will be determining when the PCB circuitry can be put into low power modes. For low power operation of the BCM20732S,  I am wondering if s...
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  • Is BCM20376 source a FreeRTOS ?

    Hi All, We are using WICESDK for BCM20376, need to implement OS functionalities. Just wanted to clarify if the WICEDSDK supports OS concepts like creating thread,signals/events etc ? If so is there any documents bear...
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  • BCM2073XS GPIO Basics

    The BCM2073x chip (SoC) has 40 logical GPIOs (P0-P39).   The GPIOs themselves are broken out into three separate ports (meaningful when you start programming):   • P0 through P15 on port0 • P1...
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  • User Description from Smart Designer shows up blank

    Hi, I'm testing out creation of some custom service / characteristics using the Smart Designer.  I've seen other BLE devices provide a textual user description for vendor-specified services and attributes, so I ...
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  • Programming the TAG2/TAG3 Board using command line tools

    Programming the 20732S MODULE USING 2073xTAG Board v. 1.0   Revision Change Decription Date 1.3 TTL-232RG-VREG3V3-WE - defined correct cable with 3V Output Removed SPIL, Added NEW Loader file and LOTS of correc...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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  • Timer wakeup from Sleep mode

    I'm using BCM902732_BLE_KIT and WICED-Smart-SDK-1.1.0. My application requires SLEEP mode and wake up by timer every 5s. Flowing blog about sleep modes: Sleep Deep_Sleep Explanation and Techniques I tried with DEEP...
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  • A problem about  install this WICED-Smart-SDK-2.1.1-IDE-Installer

    Hi, I am a freshman in this field of WICED sense DESIGN.When I prepare to install the  WICED-Smart-SDK-2.1.1-IDE-Installer, it always show me this photo followed: Can you tell me what is the problem? thanks!
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  • API references?

    Hello,   Does anyone know of a location for documentation about API functions other than what are specified in the quick start guide, the "How to write applications" guide, and the Broadcom Wiced Smart 2.2.1 API...
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    where does one find more detailed info on definition and  implementing configuration of the device?   Details on the meaning, use case or exceptions of the variables in this structure would be quite useful ...
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  • Start time is different between BCM20732S and BCM20737S?

    BCM20732S start up time is about 1S based on 1.1.0 SDK, and BCM20737S start up time is about 3.5S based on 2.1.0 SDK.
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  • BCM20732 send a 16 bytes length notifycation

    Dear All,   I have a problem.How to send a 16 bytes notification?   now,my code only can send a 4-bytes notification. Is there any error with my code?   My code and GATT definition are as below: ...
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