• Is it possible to obtain the scan timer value from the stack?

    Hi,   I'm developing a master application and wish to synchronize to a slave, which has a characteristic from which I may obtain it's advertisment timing.   Is there any way to obtain the scan timer value...
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  • How to scan for near beacons (ble devices) with cybt-213043-mesh kit

    Hello everyone,   Befone i knew this awesome stuff of ble mesh i already used another ble module to do some tasks. In my other project i scan for some seconds and get the near ble devices with their respectives ...
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  • azure iot hub

    Hi,   Is there a driver or library to communicate with Azure IOT Hub. I want to create a BLE scanner that scan for my device and send iot hub message for a discover device   Best regards   Martin
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  • Chip stops advertising, after sometime, when using iBeacon Advertising in conjunction with regular advertising.

    I have found a bug with iBeacon advertising that renders the chip(BCM20736S) essentially useless; The only way to fix this is to toggle the power. The problem is that we tell the chip to start advertising with bleprof...
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  • Speed up connection process

    Hi, I'm working with a CYBLE-13025 and I would like to know which is the best way to speep up the first connection process between two devices and the reconnection after a connection down. Are there any best value to ...
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  • How to change Transmit power to 9 db on CYBT-353027-EVAL board ?

    Dear All,   Would please help me to figure out how i can change Transmit power to 9db on CYBT-353027-EVAL?   Thanks
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  • CYW20737S advertisement current drawing estimation?

    Hello,   I'm developing a device run on coin cell battery with CYW20737S. I've managed to set lowest TX power -20dBm, advertisement interval: high 100ms for 5 sec, low 640ms for 5 sec. Now I would like to esti...
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  • Android connection and disconnection strange behaviour

    Hi to everyone,             Last weeks I've been working on the connection between the bcm20737 and my custom Android app.     For my application I don't need bonding neither ...
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  • Advertisement Stops Unexpectedly

    We are using a BCM20736 IC, with SDK 2.2.3.   Our firmware initializes the device and starts advertising. In normal operation, the device will continue to advertise forever. However, sometimes we notice that adv...
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  • Init Scan Timer_1s Stop

    Hello everyone. I have the following problem. When I put in the code blecen_Scan the timer 1s stopped working. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?
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  • Configuring connection interval (WICED SDK 2.2.2 and BCM20736S)

    We are using WICED SDK 2.2.2 and BCM20736S. We got struck while configuring connection interval.   We followed steps given in the attached document ("EMRF-BCM20732S-BOB-UserManual.pdf") and the connection inter...
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  • Windows 10 Bond problem

    My BCM20737S device has now bonding problems, especially with Windows 10.   First problem: After bonding the maximal number of bondable devices, the newer addresses overwrites the first address section of the NV...
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  • High supply current during scanning

    I use the 20737 in central mode and see during the scan period that it draws a hefty 30mA, way too high for battery operation. Oddly during a connection with data exchange the current is much lower. Why? The receive...
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  • BCM20737S Prototype board are failing

    This is a follow up to the discussions here: Prototype boards are failing with issue similar to one previously reported  & Prototype boards are failing with issue similar to one previously reported (con't) &...
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  • Extend a paring distance by optimizing code on hello_sensor application

    Hi, I have a couple of question regarding the maximum paring distance possible. Please discuss the follow basic questions below.   1) Is there a way to increase paring distance by optimizing hello_sensor code, re...
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  • How many bonding are available?

    I will test bonding with BCM2073x. BCM2073x is peripheral. My application want many bonding count more 20. The more bonding count is the better.   How many bonding are available?   If BCM2073x is limit...
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  • BLE_CEN_CFG intervals and windows

    Regarding parameters in BLE_CEN_CFG ...   "high_scan_duration" means how long to be in high scan state? "high_scan_interval" slots means do a scan every this many slots? "high_scan_window" slots - what means t...
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  • maximum time for high_undirect_adv_duration and high_direct_adv_duration

    Hello,   My application has be visible all the time. (Better: it should be connected all the time). If the device is not connected, it should send advertisements at high duration.   If set high_undirect_a...
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  • BCM20736S connection failed

    We developed a board with BCM20736S chip configured as a peripheral device. When the central device, an Android Smartphone, tries to connect to our device, sometimes it returns a GATT ERROR, in particular the error 13...
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  • Verifying BLE connection on a BCM20736S

    I am working with a new PCB design using the BCM20736S. I am trying to verify that BLE communications are working between the board and a Windows 8.1 PC. I am using the 2.2.1 SDK's unmodified Heart Rate Monitor applic...
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