• Set_Tx_Carrier_Frequency_ARM for CYW43455

    I am trying to implement some RF test software so I can send my product to a test house.  I need to be able to generate a continuous frequency at differing powers and modulation.  The Set_Tx_Carrier_Frequenc...
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  • API for Regulatory testing on the 20719-B1

    To conduct regulatory testing on a device containing a WICED chip I've used two different methods in the past 1. Expose the HCI UART outside the device and use CyBlueTool 2. Make API calls to blecm_StartTransmitterT...
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  • CYW20736 and Bluetooth SIG

    Two years ago, we designed a module based on the CYM20736 (SoC). We would like now to register it on Bluetooth SIG. We understood that we need to create a link to a previous registration of the chip (QDID), and we fo...
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  • EN 300328 v.1.9.1 Broadcom BCM20737S

    Hello,   we are certifying our product with BCM20737S moduled.   I saw Broadcom's document about and I saw that BCM20737S is certified for EN 300328 v.1.8.1.   1.8.1 version is valid until the end o...
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  • Radio Equipment Directive (RED) certification for CYBLE-222014-01

    We are working on a medical grade device and within it we have implemented a BLE module designed by your company, the CYBLE-222014-01, at the moment we are going trough the certifications of the Device, on the datashe...
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  • Do products with BCM20737S SiP modules need additional FCC approval?

    Hi all,   We're getting our product ready to be shipped from Taiwan.  The only emitting device on the board is the BCM20737S module (product is small and similar to a "beacon" - see www.loopd.com).  I ...
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  • FCC certification BCM20737S - Limited approval = no certification?

    Hello,     We developed our product, HW and SW. We used BCM20737S. it was not at all easy. It was a long and difficult path (problem wirh library, ESD, etc....)   So now we have a good product, it wo...
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  • please could you attach the latest documents we have avaliable for the CYW20736S module according to  ETSI EN 300 328, ETSI EN 301 489-17, ETSI EN 301 489-1?

    please could you attach the latest documents we have avaliable for the CYW20736S module according to  ETSI EN 300 328 ETSI EN 301 489-17 ETSI EN 301 489-1
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  • Can I get the ETSI EN 300 328 Standard v 1.9.1 (February 2015) and  ETSI EN 300 328 Standard v 2.1.1 (November 2016)  for the CYW20736S?

    Please provide these reports
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  • Question regarding Taiwan entry for a product using the BCM20732S.

    I have a Taiwan NCC modular certificate for the BCM20732S.  We've placed the module it into a host.  If it's anything like FCC, all we'd have to do is spurious emissions, and display the ID on the product.&#...
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  • Wideband Emissions During FCC Testing

    During FCC testing, it was discovered that there are wideband emissions around channel 36 (2402 MHz) for the 2.2.2 SDK build. The waveform vacillates between the wideband (~4Mhz) and normal bandwidth (~2MHz).  ...
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  • additional test item for minimum filling

    We are preparing to get FCC certification on our product with BCM20737S.. Seeing discussions here, 2 options for FCC certification is provided. 1. minimum filing 2. getting FCC certification at system level   ...
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  • Webinar on May 3rd: Regulatory Testing topics specific to Broadcom BT/Wi-Fi based modules...

    Register: Certification Testing when Designing with RF Modules   We are happy to announce a new webinar that we have developed with our module partner LSR   The webinar, Designing for Success: Practical Ad...
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  • Issue of EN 300 328 V1.9.1 and chipload

    Hi boont and mwf_mmfae,   As this thread BCM20737S download fail wtih Chipload and EN 300328 v.1.9.1 Broadcom BCM20737S.   I have some question about chipload and CE regulatory.   Q1:Did the chipload...
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  • FCC ID / Letter of Authorization now that Broadcom IoT is Cypress

    For organizations who have previously been granted FCC approval and Letters of Authorization from Broadcom to use the BCM2072xS modules in their end products, are the original LOAs still valid now that the Broadcom Io...
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  • Legal Questions & UUID's

    Hi,   we are a small company and we are actually developing a product with a BCM20737S. The BCM20737S is our favourite solution, but before going into production we need a few answers.   1. Is it ok to fla...
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  • FCC Certification - Continuous Transmit While Freq. Hopping

    This question is a followup to the one in FCC Certification Questions .   Is there an API function to configure for continuous transmission mode while channel hopping for FCC testing?  The linked thread abo...
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  • Tx frequency does not change when using mbt le_transmitter_test

    On custom hardware using a BCM20736 we boot the BT device and run the mbt tool (SDK v2.2.2)   When we issue the le_transmitter_test command, the output is always at ~2450 MHz regardless of what transmit channel ...
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  • FCC Certification Questions

    We are providing the information to our compliance test partner to begin FCC testing of our product (which contains a BCM20736S).  One of the specific requests they have made is for us to provide samples that hav...
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  • Questions concerning Bluetooth SIG Qualification/Declaration

    We are nearing the point of beginning the Bluetooth SIG qualification/declaration process with our BCM20736S-based design.  I've been reading through forum posts concerning this process and have a few questions t...
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