• Downloading firmware from another CPU

    I'm using the Anaren WICED BLE module (A20737-based).  Is it possible to use the HCI (or peripheral) UART connection directly from another CPU on the board to download firmware into the part?  I'm looking fo...
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  • BCM92073X_LE_KIT no device connected, even after recovering EEPROM

    Hi,   I'm using a BCM92073X_LE_KIT, connected to WICED SDK, it has been working fine for the past few months, however today it has stopped working.   Nothing can be seen through the UART terminals.   ...
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  • Can't reprogram BCM20736s

    My company is currently having an issues with quite a few of our devices that use the BCM20736s BLE controller. The controller on each device was programmed one time successfully. After we discovered that the radios w...
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  • Doesn't Boot/Can't flash

    Hi Guys,   This post is a bit wired, I tried several stuff, but still nothing improving the situation.   I did developped a BCM20737S application, this application works well. We were moving this project t...
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  • BCM20737S download fail wtih Chipload

    Hi ,   I use the SDK to download my app, and it will download successful without error. But I try to use the chipload to download my app,and it download fail. I have already read the article about chipload(Progr...
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  • Cannot program BCM20737S, I2C problem

    I tried to use the I2C bus to communicate with an external device (accelerometer). I followed the i2c temperature sensor example and tried to write to a register. After that I can't program the bluetooth anymore. My...
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  • Cannot re-write F/W after describe ble_trace in APPLICATION_INIT

    Hi, I modified the APPLICATION_INIT as follows, in my own project. However, after writing a program, there is no response from the module. Unfortunately, I will not be able to re-write of the program to the module....
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  • BCM20736S "wake on GPIO" is calling interrupt handler instead of normal wake cycle

    On the BCM20736S, we are trying to wake on various GPIOs, For the most part, this is working fine. But about 20% of the time we see the BCM20736S wake into the registered GPIO callback instead of going through the nor...
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  • Forcing a software reset on the BCM20736S

    Is there a way to force a software reset on the BCM20736S? I would like to call a function from code that is as close to an external reset as possible.   Thanks,      Aaron
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  • Problem running BCM20737s when adding second device on I2C

    Hello,   I have built a custom board using the BCM20737s. My board has a place for two pressure sensors that communicate over I2C.   I have placed only one of the pressure sensors on my board so far. My so...
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  • HCI firmware upgrade specs needed

    Hello,   We have a system with the BCM20737S module. The module is connected to the host CPU via the PUART and HCI uart. The host cpu is running some custom embedded SW - no windows and no linux.   We were...
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  • Problem programming the BCM920737TAG

    Hello,   I have a problem programming my BCM920737TAG.   When i programming my board this is the result:   I have used a different USB lead to rule this out. Also i am able to receive the debug d...
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  • Rebooting/Recovery of a BCM20737S **HELP**

    Hello,   I have placed the BCM20737S on a custom board I am working on a the moment.   I was playing around programming a few example programs from the WICED SDK. Was programming away fine. I was getting ...
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  • Unable to re-program after BCM20732S first time

    Hi,   I am using BCM20732S and only able to program only first time when it is powered after soldering on board. I am using "i2c_temperature_sensor-BCM920736TAG_Q32 download UART=COM29" application in SDK 2.2. I...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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  • SFlash support by ROM code

    Hi BCM support, It 's a known issue about 2 months, we found the ROM code of BCM20737 did not allow programming in some empty flash. The local FAE just told us to set the platform to recovery mode. But we can not do ...
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  • I2C Discussion

    Revision Description Date 1.0 I2C Description 10/27/14   The I2C topics seem to be a bit confusing. I am creating this Blog to address these concerns.   I will post a video shortly that will thru a Code W...
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  • BCM2073XS Boot Sequence: Can't download to board (device not found)

    Hi all,   I've been working my way through the examples for the BCM20736S and after I flashed the pwm_tones example I'm now unable to flash anything else as the IDE cant find the device and pressing reset doesn'...
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  • Can not be power-on after OTA reset?

    === SDK: 2.2.1 Tag: 920737. app: OTA hello-sensor app code. OTA firmware size ~ 30KB. ===   Description: Device can not be power-on after OTA reset via android/iOS handset.   Investigation: Our curr...
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  • Boot Time of WICED Smart Tag Board (BCM20737)

    Hi all, I want to know the boot time of BCM20737 Chip on WICED Smart Tag Board. I can't find any information from datasheet or in the community. If you know or ever measured the boot time, please let me know. Thanks!...
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