• hello_client(server?client?) hello_sensor(server?client?)

    SDK:2.2.2 APP:hello_sensor and hello_client EVB:Tag3 and wiced sense   The server can send the notification to the client in BLE spec.I would like to check the relationship between server and client in hello_c...
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  • GATT DB bug: Characteristic enforces bonding and aborts DB parsing

    Hi everybody,   I encountered a problem with a generated GATT DB using the WICED Bluetooth Designer. The GATT DB is only interpreted until one characteristic with descriptor is read. If I remove it from the GAT...
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  • BCM920737 how to send large data over ble in chunks

    Hi,   We are using BCM920737 board and sample application of long_charecteristic. how to send large data over ble in chunks. Can you please point to some sample applications. Request for help as early as possi...
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    Hi, Please kindly provide an example for the characteristic permission :"LEGATTDB_PERM_AUTH_READABLE". I have done a lot of search but can not understand how to use it in BCM20737.   Thanks.
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  • notification enable in iOS

    I modified hello_client App (BCM20736) and send notification to Android App.   it works good. but in iOS, i can't that. Android application set (CCCD) Client Configuration Characteristic descriptor ena...
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  • variable length for long characteristic

    Hi, I am trying to use long characteristic (50byte) with variable length. I can set value to the characteristic once, but it never change if I try to update to another value.   I defined below LEGATTDB_PERM_REA...
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  • Sending data to the BCM20737S from another MCU

    Hello,   I have been working with the BCM20737S to reading two pressure sensors running at 500hz. I now have to use two 1000hz pressure sensors. From other topics this seems like it wont be possible and will st...
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  • iOS9.0.x characteristic not found problem

    Hi,   My team developed a BLE product which is connected to iOS. It is BLE peripheral device and works well with iOS 8.x.   Apple released iOS 9.0 (and 9.0.1, 9.0.2) recently. With iOS9, iOS cannot find s...
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  • hello-client switch to slaves after smartphone connectes

    I build a application based on the hello-client that is checking some environmental values and send some data to connected slaves. A user can change some data with his smartphone. But if the smartphone is connected,...
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  • BCM20736: missing characteristics under IOS 9

    Hi all, recently IOS has been updated to version 9. We have 9.02. Effect is that some characteristic of our service are no more visible. I did two trials: 1) 9 characteristics + 9 notifiable characteristics. Total ...
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  • permission check retCode = 00

         In my application,when i write a characteristic,I can always see the log "Checking readable attribute 00d2" and log "permission check retCode = 00".        The charac...
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  • Fine timer max interval/interrupt question?

    I taught i had seen somewhere in the datasheet that the fine timer interval could be set as 1ms, but i can only seem to get 12ms at best? I am trying to read a sensor running at 500hz(2ms)? I was trying to do it via ...
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  • Indication and GATT DB

    Hello,   I am having some issues understand some concepts of the data transfer in BLE.   Basically, what I want to do is to transfer several KBs of persistent data to a client, in a reliable fashion.  ...
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  • Use speed_test App do test Throughput always appear  "Connection down"

    Hi Sir : I want do a Max Throughput test , I use speed_test App as peripheral and puart_control App as Central ,   I use Terminal  send command to peripheral for enable notification   Step1 (Connect...
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  • Are there already mass market products with BCM20736S?

    Hi everybody,   just out of curiosity: Are there already some products you can buy that use the BCM20736S SiP-module?   As a sidenote I'd like to compare our prototype with a working example.   Best...
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  • Clearing a characteristic before writing new data to it

    Is there anyway to clear data in a characteristic before writing new data to it? I'm running into and issue where if I write 5 bytes of data to a characteristic and then 3 bytes of data, the first 3 bytes get overwrit...
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  • App crashing when bleprofile_WriteHandle() is called

    I began working on something I hadn't touched in about two months and started having an issue I had never run into before. After having the chip try to change one of its characteristics, the app would crash. I traced ...
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  • Notifications in Hello Client vs WICED Smart Designer Code

    I have generated a hello_notif app using the WICED smart generator. (Zip File Attached)   I connect to the light blue and this the sequence I follow: i.     Connect with the device ii. ...
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  • 0x08 Disconnections - Android

    Hi Im using Wiced Sense Tag (BCM920737TAG - BCM20737S), controlled by Android (4.4.2 or 5.0.1). I often get disconnections with reason 0x08 (sometimes after minute, sometimes after 10 minutes).   After connect...
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  • PUART RX cannot get data from host?

    === SDK: 2.1.1 Tag: 920737. app: hello-sensor. firmware size ~ 10KB. ===   Problem: Now we would like to implement a factory test mode to calibrate sensor data into hello-sensor firmware; but from PC host ...
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