• Guidance to pick a Bluetooth module that support SPP or BLE serial port

    Hi,     Recently, I need to choose a Bluetooth Module which can support Serial Port Portfolio or it has solution to create serial profile.   Also, it needs to have RTS pin as well as bidirec...
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  • How to scan for near beacons (ble devices) with cybt-213043-mesh kit

    Hello everyone,   Befone i knew this awesome stuff of ble mesh i already used another ble module to do some tasks. In my other project i scan for some seconds and get the near ble devices with their respectives ...
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  • Android connection and disconnection strange behaviour

    Hi to everyone,             Last weeks I've been working on the connection between the bcm20737 and my custom Android app.     For my application I don't need bonding neither ...
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  • Service Changed Characteristic

    The beginning of every GATT database (GATTDB) within the SDK begins the comment:         // Service change characteristic is optional and is not present   What is the service change ...
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  • How to implement a read characterictic similar as in Device-Name?

    CYW20737 runs as a server. How to implement a read characterictic similar as in Device-Name?   The firmware will update the value during non-connect. Once a client connects it will read that value immediately. ...
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  • BASIC - Is there a way to transmit data collected by the hello_client application over UART?

    Hi, I'm just beginning coding with BCMs. I have very little coding knowledge but need the BCMs for a project.   I have two Bluetooth connected BCMs. The master is running the Hello_Client application. I am tryin...
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  • Is there a limit on num of customer chracteristic per service

    I had a service. It has 7 characteristics. When I try to add 8th one, I cannot see it on ble app. But it seems working as I can write to it throught UART.
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  • bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq to find Descriptor

    I tried to use bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq to search the handle of Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor, but cannot find it when the device works with an Android phone.  (The same code works with an iP...
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  • First connection issue with Wiced device and Android/iOS app

    Hello,   When I try to connect for the first time a Wiced device (custom board) with an own App on Android/iOS I can not read UUID values. After the first connection I must shut down the device and restart the ...
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  • the value of the key_flag doesn't change

    Here is my code for the application I am running. The value of key_flag doesn't change when the program flow comes back to create function. Also the what is program control flow for this? #include "bleprofile.h" #i...
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  • Sending data to a WICED SENSE BLE device through WICED SENSE app

    Hello,   I am trying to send data to a WICED SENSE BLE device through WICED SENSE app. I've  added the following code into  the a  WICED SENSE app source code, especially in the GattRequestManager...
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  • Slow transfer speed

    Hi   We are using BCM920736 and have been having some issues with slow data transfer speeds between the chip and iphones. The maximum transfer speed that we can achieve now is around 3 kbits/s but we should be ...
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  • wiced_sense sending an uint16 value to mobile phone

    Hello everybody I am using wiced_sense   I create a code : define uin16 counter; when accelerometer changes the counter will be counter++;   I want to show the last counter value in my phone.   Ho...
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  • Multiple Slave Write command

    Hi all,   I have 4 custom boards. One is master base on Hello_client. The others are slave base on Hello_sensor.   I try to send write command to all hello_sensor. I use the API like this:   bleprofi...
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  • BCM20737S, month always set to January

    I have a problem setting the current time to BCM20737S. Everything is set correctly except for the month. The month always resets to January, no matter what value I send. I am pretty sure that the time structure is s...
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  • BCM20737S Maximum Transmission rate

    Hello,   I am using the BCM20737s to send some data.   I know you can send 20 bytes in one packet over Bluetooth. Is this the maximum?   I have 16bit data, so I will be able to send 10 16bits of data...
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  • Mobile/PC applications for custom GATT database with services, characteristics and descriptors

    Hi,   I am following WICED SMART SDK 2.x: Smart Designer Overview video; Kindly let me know which Mobile or PC application/software to use for custom GATT database developed in the video. I will really appreciat...
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  • BCM20737S External interrupt/ GPIO push button

    Hello,   I am using the BCM20737S in a custom design.   I want to set up a push button trigger an action.   Currently I have my push button set up on P27. When the button is not pressed, it is open a...
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  • BCM20737S vs BCM20737ST differences?

    On Mouser, I find these two part-number... Different package? reel or tube? or different module? different certifications?           Thanks in advance.
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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