• Flow meter PWM input measurement @ 237Hz

    I have an input device that measures flow rate using PWM output and I would like to use a GPIO line with "interrupt on change" together with a fast time to measure the input rate. Or perhaps use a fast timer and poll ...
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  • How many PWM channels available in BCM20732S  ?

    Hello   how many PWM channels are available in BCM20732S ? I saw number "3" in some post but Table 2. Pin Description table in datasheet mentions about "PWM0", "PWM1", "PWM2", "PWM3". Is it possible to run the...
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  • How to get all 4 PWMs working at the same time on BCM20736S

    I've been having some difficulty getting all four PWMs working at once on the BCM20736S.   To the best of my knowledge, there is only once configuration that can get all four PWMs out:   PWM0  &#...
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  • BCM92073x periodic interrupt rate

    I'm new to this product so I apologize in advance if I'm missing something obvious.   I have an application where I need a period interrupt at around 1 KHz, (1 ms or so).  I don't see an obvious way to gene...
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  • How to properly disengage PWM ?

    I would like to disengage PWM and use the pin as a GPIO - input/output. How do I do that ? Functions:      void pwm_disableChannel(UINT32 mask);      void pwm_setReset(UINT32 ...
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  • Wiced Sense hardware timer example

    I am trying to use a hardware timer to change the pulse rate of the pwm every 32 microseconds.   I tried something out but I can't get it working.Can somebody post an example of the hardware timer usage or is th...
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  • Can't get 100% duty cycle from PWM

    I'm having trouble getting 100% duty cycle from the PWM. 0-99% works great but I always get a small negative pulse at 100%. I'm using the LHL_CLK to get a 1 kHz signal. I'm trying to get 100% by calling:   pwm_tr...
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  • Different Frequencies for PWM

    In using the PWM pins is it possible to set the pins to run at different frequencies? Say, I want PWM0 to run at 20kHz and PWM1 to only run at 300Hz, is this possible?   I played around with LHL_CLK, PMU_CLK, A...
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  • BCM20737S Timer Module

    Hello,   I have a Wiced Sense Module and I am trying to get some precise control of the PWM functionality and for that I require a 32KHz timer interrupt to update the PWM value.   From what I have read, th...
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  • BCM20737 Audio - Datasheet and support?

    I have ordered the new BCM920737 eval board, for SDK 2.x. As I understand, this BT chip supports audio profile. But I cannot find any audio related information, e.g. how to get out the audio transmitted via BT (assum...
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  • PWM signal on 20737S

    I found there's strength PWM output on 20737S, could someone help to check? I test again with pwm_tones demo project in SDK2.0, and get the following signal: The 1st picture is a cycle of PWM signal, and the 2nd pic...
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  • Can I read back the state of a PWM GPIO?

    I want to use PWM0 to generate a 5kHz PWM signal. Inside my code I want to trigger an action on the falling edge of the PWM signal. Can I use gpio_getPinInput() to monitor the state of P26 while it is configured for ...
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  • PWM control in BLE SDK

    We use pwm_transitionToSubstituteValues() to control PWM, but it failed even the return value is true.     Is there any other PWM function?     The sample code we use is proximity_plus() in SDK 1...
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  • PWN not working on P13/P14 on BCM20732S - SDK 1.1

    The PWM works on pins P26, P27, and P28. Physical pin of P28 is the same as P13. P13 is used for PWM3 and P28 for PWM2. Also PWM2 is connected to P14, but I could not get the PWM to work on P13/P14. All others work bu...
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  • Can someone tutor me on GPIO usage?

    Hello everybody, As I mentioned before, I am new to this type of programming. I've mainly programmed arduino's which is a joke compared to this chip. I am having alot of difficulties in converting my arduino code to b...
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  • IoT Hackathon Challenge

    Welcome to the IoT Hackathon Challenge! If you cannot attend the IoT Hackathon, you can still submit your solution online. Use your innovative idea for a Bluetooth low energy device.  Using WICED Smart S...
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  • SOC vs. SiP

    We will find two different sets of TRMs or Datasheets, for instance one related to BCM20736S and other to BCM20737. Please watch the S after "chip name" or without it. Or please be aware of words such as SOC vs. SiP...
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  • Looking for suggestion for 100hz Pulse generating to GPIO on BCM20732S?

    I'm trying to generate 100 hz pulse with fixed duty cycle. I found there may have two methods: 1.  write in main while loop and use a delay function as follows:        gpio_setPinOutput...
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  • PWM Clock Frequency?

    What clock frequencies can be used to drive the PWM on 20736? The following code snippet is from <WICED-Smart-SDK>/include/drivers/pwm.h How is 1 or 8 MHz chosen? Are these the only clock frequencies? (128kHz ...
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