• piezo buzzer with  20736 ?

    Hi I would like to connect a Murata piezo buzzer on a 20736 SOC But I am using   3 Channels to drive LED W hat are my option ? Which pin can I use to rive the piezo   Can I use PWM2_OUTPUT_ENABLE_P28 ...
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  • Issue Blinking 3 led using PWM on dual bonded pin

    I want to blink every second green, blue or red based on a state machine green no connected blue connected red ready to send a special alarm notifcation   So every second the state is changed between off to on fo...
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  • LED with PWM

    Hello, here is how you can turn on an LED using PWM. Include Library #include "pwm.h" #include "gpiodriver.h" Define Macros #define LED_RED    26  /* PWM 0 */ #define LED_BLUE   27...
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  • SK6812 LED strip and 2073X BLE

    Hi I'd like to program some SK6812 LED strip with the WICED BLE. There is some ARM0 sample code out there for NXP LPC810 ARM0 competitor or STM32 This library uses a bitbanging approach with active CPU waiting GitH...
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  • PWM accurate

    Our project need an accurate 600Hz PWM output,599.9~600.1 is allowed. But we tried several ways,and failed to get it.   1. aclk_configure(512000, ACLK1, ACLK_FREQ_24_MHZ); adjust pwm initail value to get 600H...
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  • Using PWM messes up Sys Clk configuration?

    Hi all,   We use this to start a PWM ...     //Accessing the internal clock reference   aclk_configure(512000, ACLK1, ACLK_FREQ_24_MHZ); // Configure to 512 kHz   //Start the PWMs   pwm_...
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  • Low power mode in BCM20736

    Dear All,   I want to implement Low power modes in BCM20737 BLE chip. Are there an API's available? I read in few documents about power modes in BCM chips and it says there are 2 power modes- Deep sleep mode and...
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  • BCM20737S External interrupt/ GPIO push button

    Hello,   I am using the BCM20737S in a custom design.   I want to set up a push button trigger an action.   Currently I have my push button set up on P27. When the button is not pressed, it is open a...
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  • BCM2073XS GPIO Basics

    The BCM2073x chip (SoC) has 40 logical GPIOs (P0-P39).   The GPIOs themselves are broken out into three separate ports (meaningful when you start programming):   • P0 through P15 on port0 • P1...
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  • Configure GPIO as soon as possible on 20737S

    Hi,   Is it possible to configure gpio from level of the bootloader? I need to set GPIO to output low level before my application is loaded. I know that simple hardware pull-down would be the easiest way, but fo...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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  • Failed to configurate PWM to GPIO and output high

    Hi BCM,        We want to set BCM20736 PWM0 output range: 1% to 100%.      It's ok for PWM0 work between 1% to 99%      To set PWM0 output high, I re...
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  • Blink LED using PWM

    I am a Japanese student.   I want to let to blink 3 colors LED using PWM control.   Please tell me!   I can't speak English very wall.   Sorry.
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  • BCM2073XS Boot Sequence: Can't download to board (device not found)

    Hi all,   I've been working my way through the examples for the BCM20736S and after I flashed the pwm_tones example I'm now unable to flash anything else as the IDE cant find the device and pressing reset doesn'...
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  • Custom Hardware Stops (con't)

    This is a continuation of the thread here: m   Ok, the supplier of my board supplier is mouser (as I order little quantity for prototypes).   I have another issue with PWM, and it's maybe related, I'm usin...
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  • Pulse width measurement and time measurement

    Per this original thread that is now closed: Pulse width measurement and time measurement boont wrote:   This thread explained a little on the use of rtc_getRTCRawClock.   Resetting RTC internal cou...
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  • Wiced Sense hardware timer example (part 2)

    Continued from this closed thread: Wiced Sense hardware timer example   > I tested the above piece of code but that didn't work as expected. Could you please describe what you see?   If you want glitch...
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  • PWM or I/O setting

    Hello,   i try actually pwm_tones from SDK v2.0.1. I know already how to set the PWM frequency. But i still don't understand, how can i set the pin. On the image we can see, that the pin for 5s always on (High)...
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  • Does 20732S/20736S support PWM capture?

    Sensor output with PWM signal is popular, does 20732S/20736S support PWM capture function that can let program read the duty cycle of a PWM input signal from a register?
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  • Pulse width measurement and time measurement

    Hi,   For a distance sensor I plan to use, I need to measure the width of a pulse that the sensor will output that is proportional to the distance. In general, is there some way for me to measure elapsed time w...
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