• FW Update without External Memory

    I am trying to get to grips with the FW update process for the SDK, i have been using the uart_firmware_upgrade as a reference, but i am struggling to understand the following:   Is it possible to update the FW ...
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  • BCM20736S/CYW20736S: DLPostResetDelay_ms meaning in 20736_EEPROM.btp

    Hi all.   I'd like to know how DLPostResetDelay_ms parameter of 20736_EEPROM.btp affects the BCM20736S programming procedure.   Is it written in the EEPROM/Flash and affects the boot timings at any subsequ...
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  • Disabling flow control with btattach on CYBT-413034-02

    Is it needed to "Disable flow control" while btattach-ing (bluez) a UART BT device to a Linux Host? If yes, why?   This is specified in this tutorial, how to use the dongle: Running  BlueZ on CY Part ...
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  • SPI, UART and timing

    Hi,   I have a BCM20736S custom board and a second UART custom board. My BCM20736S board needs to always send and receive periodic data from the UART board. Every 40ms data is sent from the BCM20736S board t...
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  • Guidance to pick a Bluetooth module that support SPP or BLE serial port

    Hi,     Recently, I need to choose a Bluetooth Module which can support Serial Port Portfolio or it has solution to create serial profile.   Also, it needs to have RTS pin as well as bidirec...
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    Hi, Is the following discussion valid for the module CyBLE013025-00? Need clarification on PUART RTS/CTS flow control support   I checked the schematic and found P3 and P1 are free.   Is there any examp...
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  • BCM20737S missing UART bytes

    Hi,   We are using BCM20737S to communicate with another chip using the UART. We are having this problem where once in a while the received messages are incomplete. It is common that the middle part of the UA...
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  • UART to RS485 - watchdog problem

    As a follow on to this closed thread: UART to RS485   What is the difference between P_UART_ISR_TX_FF_MASK and P_UART_ISR_TX_FAE_MASK ?   Do you have some example about UART callback transmission ?
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  • UART to RS485

    Hi, I'm using a custom board BCM20736S. I use the UART (P32, P35) to communicate with a computer. This work fine with no problem. But now, I would like to use an UART - RS485 convert to communicate in RS485. So I ne...
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  • Bidirectional UART over BLE

    Hi All,   I was able to adapt the hello_sensor application to my board and I'm able to send data from the sensor to the client (or phone) but not the other way round. How can I get the client to take the uart da...
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  • Using CYBLE0130025 Eval board in Binary Mode

    Hi,   I am trying to use CYBLE_0130025 Eval board to learn EZ Serial Binary command mode.   I have kept Switch 1-4 in OFF position and Switch 5-6 ON Position.   I am using Realterm to see if after se...
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  • P_UART and other questions for 20737S

    P_UART question There may be two sets of P_UART pins P32 (Tx) and P33 (Rx) P0 (Tx) and P2 (Rx)   I have used P32/P33 for debug traces. Would it be possible to use the following set-ups at the same time? Use P32/P...
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  • 20737 puart break

    Can the peripheral UART detect a BREAK condition on the serial input?
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  • Downloading firmware from another CPU

    I'm using the Anaren WICED BLE module (A20737-based).  Is it possible to use the HCI (or peripheral) UART connection directly from another CPU on the board to download firmware into the part?  I'm looking fo...
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  • BCM92073X_LE_KIT no device connected, even after recovering EEPROM

    Hi,   I'm using a BCM92073X_LE_KIT, connected to WICED SDK, it has been working fine for the past few months, however today it has stopped working.   Nothing can be seen through the UART terminals.   ...
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  • Adding PUART functionality to mybeacon.c

    Hi there,   I am trying to add PUART functionality to the mybeacon.c example without any luck. Hardware is a custom board equipped with a CYW20737S.   My steps are as follows: I started with the mybeacon...
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  • System Reset occurs on receiving data over UART interrupt

    Hi,   I am facing an issue that my system reset occur when I receive the data on UART (85 byte stream). I'm using as describe:   1- In UART receive Interrupt function bytes are taken from FIFO 2- Parser ...
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  • Inquiry about uart(ISO7816) of BCM20737

    Hello Support team!   The PSoC or PRoC product supports smartcard mode(ISO7816) on UART. When smartcard mode is used, TX/RX operates in single pin.       I hope to use RX/TX pin in single pin b...
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  • BCM20737S extra memory on SPI

    Hi, I would like to attach an external memory on the SPI bus and I am not sure if that is going to affect the operation of the internal memory. The way I understand it, this shouldn't affect anything and when progr...
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  • Basic Question - How to output data using the second COM port

    I'm just beginning my work with BCM2073X.   I'm currently using the Hello Client and Hello Sensor Applications to transfer data between two tags. I can see the data being transferred using Tera Term.   He...
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