• Do products with BCM20737S SiP modules need additional FCC approval?

    Hi all,   We're getting our product ready to be shipped from Taiwan.  The only emitting device on the board is the BCM20737S module (product is small and similar to a "beacon" - see www.loopd.com).  I ...
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  • P_UART and other questions for 20737S

    P_UART question There may be two sets of P_UART pins P32 (Tx) and P33 (Rx) P0 (Tx) and P2 (Rx)   I have used P32/P33 for debug traces. Would it be possible to use the following set-ups at the same time? Use P32/P...
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  • Issue with a new PCB for the BCM20737S module

    Hello,   We already produced 2 PCBs with the BCM20736S. They work properly, without any issue. We wanted to launch a production, and we modified the layout. We just wanted to improve the layout in respect of th...
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  • BCM20736S Footprint improvement

    Hello,   we are using the BCM20736S (CYW20736S) BLE Module. For rapid prototyping the component placement and soldering is done semi-professional in our company (reflow soldering). The footprint is exactly ...
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  • 20737S VBat short to GND

    Hi, I set 20 pcs of 20737S based system to test overnight yesterday. Everything worked fine until this morning. When I checked again around noon, I found the temperature of 1 of the 20 pcs is high. Then, check the...
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  • BCM20736S layout instructions?

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how to layout this IC so that I get the best range possible but the instructions on the technical manual are nor very clear to me. Are side A and D on the edge of the board or is the GND...
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  • Sample BCM20732S PCB Layout

    Hello Community Members,   This BLOG should be used as a "guide" for creating the PCB Layout for the BCM20732S Module.   The first attachments are: BCM20732S_GERBER.zip - The gerbers of a sample layout. ...
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  • Wiced 20737s battery cover CAD files

    Hi, I am lost battery cover for Wiced housing. Is it possible to get CAD file for the battery cover for printing on 3D printer?   Thank you!
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  • BCM20735, Development Boards & WICED SMART READY SDK

    We are going to use BCM20735 chips in our product, but can't find debug boards or evaluation kits for them.   The corresponding Cypress page on "getting started" contains only: "Coming Soon!   WICED SMA...
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  • TAG3 board: how much current can I drain out of VDDIO (pin 1 on J9)?

    I am prototyping a product and wonder if drawing on the order of 50mA is acceptable for the board
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  • Off-the-Shelf Programming Socket for BCM20736S Module?

    Is there an off-the-shelf socket that is available from Broadcom or some other entity that can be designed into a board/fixture (in conjunction with a TAG3 board) for the purpose of creating a custom programmer for a ...
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  • Source of Production Programmer For BCM20736S

    In the process of moving our design from prototype to production, we were directed to a source for an off-the-shelf programmer for the BCM20736S module.  This is something that we've been periodically searching f...
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  • Custom Harware - 'Prototype board bringup'

    How to debug non-responsive customer based hardware   So, you've got your custom hardware back from the build facility.  It's populated with one of those sexy Broadcom Bluetooth devices.  An exuberant...
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  • layout - GND plane

    hello...   in context to .PDF File, we are looking to have small dimension device and its radio range is not longer than 2 mt.   can anybody suggest: which parameter is associated with the range and since...
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  • BCM20737S layout footprint

    Hi everyone,   The following picture is our PCB layout footprint. We use the footprint to make our test board. But we have some trouble, our success rate of soldering  is only 60%. Even we use the stencil, ...
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  • Antenna spec of 20732S (Con't)

    At which distance in the orthogonal direction of the module can we put other objects like wires, connectors etc...?
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  • ESD on module BCM20737S

    Where is it possible to find electrical specification ESD about BCM20737S module?   I'm executing ESD tests and I would like to understand what limits and precautions are necessary.
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  • BCM20737S External interrupt/ GPIO push button

    Hello,   I am using the BCM20737S in a custom design.   I want to set up a push button trigger an action.   Currently I have my push button set up on P27. When the button is not pressed, it is open a...
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  • Problem running BCM20737s when adding second device on I2C

    Hello,   I have built a custom board using the BCM20737s. My board has a place for two pressure sensors that communicate over I2C.   I have placed only one of the pressure sensors on my board so far. My so...
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  • Rebooting/Recovery of a BCM20737S **HELP**

    Hello,   I have placed the BCM20737S on a custom board I am working on a the moment.   I was playing around programming a few example programs from the WICED SDK. Was programming away fine. I was getting ...
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