• Bootloader for BCM20736S (CYW20736) over SPI

    Folks, I am investigating whether it is possible to update the [user] firmware on the BCM20736S. On the product, the 20736 is connected to a microcontroller via the SPI port. The HCI UART is only accessible via an ex...
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  • FW Update without External Memory

    I am trying to get to grips with the FW update process for the SDK, i have been using the uart_firmware_upgrade as a reference, but i am struggling to understand the following:   Is it possible to update the FW ...
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  • download of BlueTool / BTSP Perl module

    Hello,   when going through the docs, i noted BlueTool utility, and BTSP Perl module. But i couldn't find download links for those.   Can you point me where can I find the tools?     Thx.
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  • bleprofile_WriteNVRAM Problem

    Hi guys,   I'm working with a bcm20737 module and lately I'm facing the next problem: I found that sometimes the bleprofile_WriteNVRAM failed writing in some vsID. I found a solution, reading the same vsID afte...
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  • BCM20737 Secure OTA in Win10

    The OTA upgrade can't work in the WIndows 10. The following is my setting:   OS: Windows 10 Version 1703 Hardware: Tag 3 EVB Project: sample code - ota_secure_firmware_upgrade   I also disable the power ...
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  • OTA Transfer Freeze: BCM20736

    Random OTA transfer Freeze Description Hello, I could able to perform OTA transfer for 20736 chipset. But there is random freeze in transfer. But whenever , the transfer is through OTA is successful. Setup: - us...
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  • Problem with OTA Android

    Hi everyone, As the title says, I have a problem with OTA. Just for testing it, I took the sample app you can find here  https://community.cypress.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/9499-5157/OTA_Android_Sample_No...
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  • Re: OTAFU and Versioning (con't)

    As a follow on to this thread: OTAFU and Versioning For secure OTA, according to the guide, the first four bytes will stands for firmware version information, and for non-secure OTA, where can we find the firmware ve...
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  • Re: WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (Question)

    Hello,   Per this article: WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (2)   Thanks for your article. It is really helpful, but we are kind of stuck at a particular position. The things seem to work fine ...
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  • WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (2)

    Table of Content Overview            Preparing Firmware Image           Create Private and Public Keys &...
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  • Downloading firmware from another CPU

    I'm using the Anaren WICED BLE module (A20737-based).  Is it possible to use the HCI (or peripheral) UART connection directly from another CPU on the board to download firmware into the part?  I'm looking fo...
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  • OTA update between two BCM20737 modules

    Is there any technical limitations that would prevent the OTA update to happen between two BCM20737 modules?  I don't see an issue as long as the BLE application is small enough to shelter a copy of the firmware ...
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  • SOTAFU Failed Verification

    Hello, I used the instructions in the "WICED-Secure-Over-the-Air-Firmware-Upgrade.pdf" document and the example code from "ota_secure_firmware_upgrade" to add secure over the air firmware upgrade to my project. ...
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  • OTA Fail

    When tracking the OTA process, I found that OTA verify was passed, "ws_upgrade_indicationconf ()" has also been called, and my android APP indicate "update success", But even after restarting the APP and resetting the...
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  • WICED Smart Designer (OTA option)

    I create an application with WICED Smart Designer, and select OTA function, after Generate Code, there are not any OTA code and service in GATT_DATA???
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  • Can Cypress provide an updated firmware with the accelerometer fix?

    As discussed in a previous thread, the accelerometer driver in firmware version 1.3 has a problem. It reduces the resolution of the accelerometer by a factor of 16.   I am the author of an application for astron...
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  • Why is accelerometer resolution deliberately reduced and how to fix it?

    In lis3dsh_driver.c, the function GetAccAxesRaw is responsible for reading the accelerometer data. The relevant code is:   buff->AXIS_X = (i16_t)( (valueH << 8) | valueL )/16;   Why is the value d...
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  • How to do OTA: Step by Step with PDF

    Hello Everyone,   I have created a simple 5 page PDF with numerous screenshots that walk you through how to do an OTA update with the BCM2073x/BCM2073xS device and the Broadcom SDK.  One key thing that I le...
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  • Change MAC by using OTA.

    === SDK: 2.2.1 Tag: 920737. app: OTA hello-sensor based APP. OTA firmware size ~ 25KB. ===   Problem: We know by using BRCM20737 OTA, it wont change device MAC but once our products are coincidentally pac...
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  • OTA support for Android and iOS (April 2016)

    Hi everyone,   My customer is interested in using Broadcom/Anaren for their BLE solution, but requires a solution for OTA.  Before we spend a lot of time with the source code provided at WICED Sense Android...
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