• How can app receive notification of ConnParamUpdateReq?

    Hi,   Please may I ask how my Central application may be notified whenever a slave sends a ConnParamUpdateReq ? Is there any callback I can use for my application to work with, or is there any way of overrid...
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  • 关于Cypress蓝牙芯片的测试模式固件问题

         我想咨询一下Cypress官方或者一些好意的知情人士:Cypress的系列蓝牙芯片,比如CYW20719、CYW20819、CYW20706等这些蓝牙模组是否都有另一版不同的底层固件(firmware)可以支持其作为BT连接中的Master去控制Slave一起进入测试模式(Test Mode),并进行一系列的射频测试操作?
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  • 20706-A2  security request

    Hi:      where is the function in the peripheral ble ?      The peripheral ble let the central ble to launch a  BTM_SECURITY_REQUEST_EVT . Thank you.
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  • Bidirectional UART over BLE

    Hi All,   I was able to adapt the hello_sensor application to my board and I'm able to send data from the sensor to the client (or phone) but not the other way round. How can I get the client to take the uart da...
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  • Android connection and disconnection strange behaviour

    Hi to everyone,             Last weeks I've been working on the connection between the bcm20737 and my custom Android app.     For my application I don't need bonding neither ...
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  • Service Changed Characteristic

    The beginning of every GATT database (GATTDB) within the SDK begins the comment:         // Service change characteristic is optional and is not present   What is the service change ...
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  • 20737 keep button(ing) causes system reset !!!!

    we use Cypress 20737 SOC and based on hello-sensor for ur application in some sensor query and calculation at timer thread (1sec-base).   However, we suddenly find that if user keeps pressing button without sto...
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  • P_UART and other questions for 20737S

    P_UART question There may be two sets of P_UART pins P32 (Tx) and P33 (Rx) P0 (Tx) and P2 (Rx)   I have used P32/P33 for debug traces. Would it be possible to use the following set-ups at the same time? Use P32/P...
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  • HandsFree application in WICED studio for CYW20706 Eval board

    The application demonstrates A2DP Sink and HF profile usage, I found in the code that during playback the I2S clock is 1.411 MHz and during HF call the clock is 256 KHz, I would like to know how this switching is bein...
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  • Number of packets sent in a connection interval in BLE and Throughput

    The maximum LL PDU (Packet Data Unit) for BLE 4.1 is 27 Bytes. In these 27 Bytes, the actual data that is transferred as a GATT Write or Notification can be upto 20 bytes, excluding the L2CAP header, Data PDU Header a...
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  • How many 'bleprofile_sendWriteCmd' can be queued up?

    I'm currently working on an application with a 20736S acting as a central.  In order to speed up the overall process, I'm interested in using 'bleprofile_sendWriteCmd' since it doesn't require waiting for a respo...
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  • Problem with the advertisement report

    I am developing a Client app. I want to receive the addr of a joystick (I know its address); so, I make a scan and I receive address of other devices, except the joystick. I am sure that my joystick works fine because...
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  • Pair with multiple devices

    Hello,   We will be using a master 20737s to connect multiple 20737s slaves. We would like to connect with pairing and by looking at the hello client and hello sensor examples the API only accepts one key. The q...
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  • CYM 20736 stack connection issue

    Hi All,      I use WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.1 sample application: hello_client to develop ble master application, our master tries to connect 4 max ble slave device. we face a stack issue: application...
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  • Is it possible to use hello-sensor as slave connected with multiple clients?

    From hello-client example, i can figure it out that helloSensor (slave)<-> helloClient(master/slave) <-> 4 multiple clients.   my question is, whether or not that we just implement 1 hello-sensor as ...
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  • Concurrent connections to multipls peripherals

    Hi Everyone,   Is CYW2073x capable to be configured as Central role and then connect with two Peripheral devices for concurrent transmission (not ADV)? The customer product needs to connect with other two de...
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  • BLE 20737s module on electric machine RS(RF interference Test) fail?!

    Description: we provide a BLE 20737s module to be as master on electric machine, like air-cleaner. It also receive the sensor value broadcasting from other end-device(slave). Our customer takes their air-cleaner to d...
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  • How many bonding are available?

    I will test bonding with BCM2073x. BCM2073x is peripheral. My application want many bonding count more 20. The more bonding count is the better.   How many bonding are available?   If BCM2073x is limit...
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  • EVB with hello_client can't pair with Win10 PC

    SDK Version:WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.3 Module: 20736, 20737   Customer needs an application with Piconet feature to work as slave to pair Win10 PC. Customer found the SDK application hello_client on EVB can't work a...
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  • How to set the SCA/MCA in BCM2073x

    Hi experts,     How we set/config the SCA/MCA for BLE connection in BCM20736? Is there any interface or API we could use for this setting ?   tks
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