• Production question: Can we guarantee what is programmed into a CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BT™ WICED® Module?

    We are developing a system with the CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BT™ WICED® Module, and we have a question from production, as they would prefer not to have to program the module and whether it is possible to purchase...
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  • External antenna access for CYW20736S

    We're preparing a device using CYW20736S (actual part is BCM20736) and need a way to attach a coax connector to the antenna.   The module comes with an embedded antenna only but some info on the forums suggest th...
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  • How to do radio rx test on CYW89342

    Hello community,   I'm just wondering here how to do the RADIO RX TEST described in document https://www.cypress.com/file/298091/download  without the usage of tools like "mbt". I'm only able to send RAW H...
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  • CYBLE-013025 external programming

    Hello,   is there some way to program the CYBLE-013025 without the Wice SDK in production? I could call the make command via command line, but with this the make is also executed completely.   I only need...
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  • EN 300328 v.1.9.1 Broadcom BCM20737S

    Hello,   we are certifying our product with BCM20737S moduled.   I saw Broadcom's document about and I saw that BCM20737S is certified for EN 300328 v.1.8.1.   1.8.1 version is valid until the end o...
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  • Clarification on HCI control protocol definition

    Hi all   I'm reading WICED HCI UART Control Protocol.pdf and I'm trying to understand how to use HCI commands described from chapter 3 (WICED HCI Control Protocol Definition). For example I'm trying to use rese...
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  • can't program BCM20737s via HCI UART

    Hi   I'm working on a project with a costom board that integrate BCM20737s module. In this project I have to be able to program BTLE module through main CPU of the board via HCI UART (BTLE code and mimi driver ...
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  • Do products with BCM20737S SiP modules need additional FCC approval?

    Hi all,   We're getting our product ready to be shipped from Taiwan.  The only emitting device on the board is the BCM20737S module (product is small and similar to a "beacon" - see www.loopd.com).  I ...
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  • MBT TEST LE Receiver Test

    I have 2 questions regarding the Le Receiver Test using MBT.   Once the command is sent to the UART is it allowed to disconnect the FTDI module from the device. The reason I am asking is because I assume since ...
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  • FCC certification BCM20737S - Limited approval = no certification?

    Hello,     We developed our product, HW and SW. We used BCM20737S. it was not at all easy. It was a long and difficult path (problem wirh library, ESD, etc....)   So now we have a good product, it wo...
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  • 20737 keep button(ing) causes system reset !!!!

    we use Cypress 20737 SOC and based on hello-sensor for ur application in some sensor query and calculation at timer thread (1sec-base).   However, we suddenly find that if user keeps pressing button without sto...
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  • recovery option on 20737S

    Hi,   We have gotten too frequently programming failure and recover them with recovery option on our custom board, so we have 2 questions about recovery option. 1. what different between usual programming and r...
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  • BLE RF Testing Setup Procedures

    SW Tools and Drivers set up   Before testing,SW tools and drivers are needed to be installed in the computer: Anritsu 8852B Low Energy Measurement Software BRCM WICED-Smart-SDK-2. 1 or above version NV GPIB ...
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  • Downloading firmware from another CPU

    I'm using the Anaren WICED BLE module (A20737-based).  Is it possible to use the HCI (or peripheral) UART connection directly from another CPU on the board to download firmware into the part?  I'm looking fo...
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  • Error when loading application: "recipe for target failed"

      has anyone dealt with similar errors?   Thanks.
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  • 20737S VBat short to GND

    Hi, I set 20 pcs of 20737S based system to test overnight yesterday. Everything worked fine until this morning. When I checked again around noon, I found the temperature of 1 of the 20 pcs is high. Then, check the...
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  • BLE 20737s module on electric machine RS(RF interference Test) fail?!

    Description: we provide a BLE 20737s module to be as master on electric machine, like air-cleaner. It also receive the sensor value broadcasting from other end-device(slave). Our customer takes their air-cleaner to d...
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  • Energy measurement tool BCM20736S and BCM20737S

    Hi,   in this document: BCM20736S Sleep Example Firmware  is a tool to measure the power consumemation. How can i get this tool? It is available in the SDK? How it works? I want to optimize my code for the...
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  • Prototype boards are failing with issue similar to one previously reported (con't)

    Per this discussion here: Prototype boards are failing with issue similar to one previously reported   I'm having a very similar problem and it looks like the previous user never found a solution.   I have...
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  • BCM20737S Prototype board are failing

    This is a follow up to the discussions here: Prototype boards are failing with issue similar to one previously reported  & Prototype boards are failing with issue similar to one previously reported (con't) &...
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