• 20737 keep button(ing) causes system reset !!!!

    we use Cypress 20737 SOC and based on hello-sensor for ur application in some sensor query and calculation at timer thread (1sec-base).   However, we suddenly find that if user keeps pressing button without sto...
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  • I2C SDA/SCL toggling when being programmed and connected to a host

    On our custom board, BCM20737S is connected to PIC32 processor over I2C. BCM20737S is the I2C host as it can only work as a host. I can send and receive data using the cfa_bsc_OpExtended coomand.  So the I2C...
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  • BCM20737S reasons for corrupt EEPROM

    Every now and then (very rarely), we have this issue where a download will fail with no apparent reason and then we would not be able to download the firmware anymore. We have to bring the part into download mode by...
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  • I2C extender connected on TAG4 startup

    Hi all,   I am having problems starting the board when an I2C device is connected (GND, VCC and one or both of CLK and SDA) to J9. Even when I comment out all code that uses I2C and P2/P8 initialization, the boa...
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  • I2C header in TAG4 (J9)

    Hi WICED team,   I am trying to connect external sensors to the TAG4, and the same code that is working fine on TAG 3 doesn't seem to initiate any I2C communication on J9 of my TAG4. I have switches 2 and 4 on S...
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  • TAG3 board: how much current can I drain out of VDDIO (pin 1 on J9)?

    I am prototyping a product and wonder if drawing on the order of 50mA is acceptable for the board
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  • Cannot program BCM20737S, I2C problem

    I tried to use the I2C bus to communicate with an external device (accelerometer). I followed the i2c temperature sensor example and tried to write to a register. After that I can't program the bluetooth anymore. My...
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  • why wiced sense need a I2C expander

    In wiced sense shematics I saw that LTC4313 is user in the connection SCL and SDA   Why do we need a I2C expander?
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  • why wiced sense need a I2c expander

    In wiced sense shematics I saw that wiced sense using LTC4313   Why do we need a I2C expander?
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  • How to use cfa_bsc_Configure

    I am trying to make non-default I2C configuration. I found cfa_bsc_Configure API in cfa.h file but it does not give detailed information.   void cfa_bsc_Configure(UINT8 newConfig); // To configure the I2C seri...
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  • RTOS & i2c

    Hi all,   we are using a BCM20737S on a custom PCB, and have another question left:   From the comments in the forum, I assume the BCM20737S is using ThreadX as RTOS (please correct me if I am wrong) and t...
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  • How can I make the "RESTART" condition of I2C?

    I want to connect a gyro-sensor to BCM20737S. And the read sequence is like this.   [START] [SLAVEADDR+W] [ack] [REGADDR][ack][RESTART][SLAVEADDR+R][ack][data][ACK][data][ACK][STOP]   Capital letter is "M...
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  • BCM2073XS GPIO Basics

    The BCM2073x chip (SoC) has 40 logical GPIOs (P0-P39).   The GPIOs themselves are broken out into three separate ports (meaningful when you start programming):   • P0 through P15 on port0 • P1...
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  • Problem running BCM20737s when adding second device on I2C

    Hello,   I have built a custom board using the BCM20737s. My board has a place for two pressure sensors that communicate over I2C.   I have placed only one of the pressure sensors on my board so far. My so...
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  • Sending 200 bytes, 20 bytes at a time in BLE ???

    I'm trying to send 200 bytes, by doing it 20 bytes at a time.  My questions is "How do I know it's OK to send the next 20 bytes?".   Here's what I'm doing.  Is this correct?   #define  ...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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  • I2C on wahoo with WICED SDK

    Hi Guys,   thanks to the platform files, I got my WICED firmware running on wahoo eval board pretty well I have taken the app "Wiced_sense" as template. But when trying to communicate with the accelerometer via...
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  • BCM20737S - Internal interrupt to do an I2C read

    Hello,   I have a question around the timing of an internal interrupt to do an i2c read to return a 16bit value from a sensor.   My sensor has an interrupt which should fire every 1ms but due to a couple o...
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  • SFlash support by ROM code

    Hi BCM support, It 's a known issue about 2 months, we found the ROM code of BCM20737 did not allow programming in some empty flash. The local FAE just told us to set the platform to recovery mode. But we can not do ...
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  • BCM920376s I2C address collision

    I want to use an FDC1004 capacitance to digital converter with a BCM920376s module, but the FDC1004 is on i2c address 0x50, the same as the BCM920376s's eeprom. Is it possible to power down the eeprom after booting so...
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