• HCI Commands to enable bluetooth

    Good morning, I tried to enable CYBT343026 bluetooth module by HCI Uart commands, but I can't see it trought bluetooth of my smartphones. To send commands to BT module I use CyBlueTool. I've enabled radio, set tx po...
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  • BCM20736S/CYW20736S: DLPostResetDelay_ms meaning in 20736_EEPROM.btp

    Hi all.   I'd like to know how DLPostResetDelay_ms parameter of 20736_EEPROM.btp affects the BCM20736S programming procedure.   Is it written in the EEPROM/Flash and affects the boot timings at any subsequ...
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  • Linux: OS disable just one of the two from cyrpess dual-BLE devices

    Dear representative,   While using Linux OS, is there any way to disable one of the 2x BLE devices, automatically attached, to the Linux OS?   There is a way to disable both BLE with this command, e.g.: ec...
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  • API for Regulatory testing on the 20719-B1

    To conduct regulatory testing on a device containing a WICED chip I've used two different methods in the past 1. Expose the HCI UART outside the device and use CyBlueTool 2. Make API calls to blecm_StartTransmitterT...
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  • How to do radio rx test on CYW89342

    Hello community,   I'm just wondering here how to do the RADIO RX TEST described in document https://www.cypress.com/file/298091/download  without the usage of tools like "mbt". I'm only able to send RAW H...
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  • Clarification on HCI control protocol definition

    Hi all   I'm reading WICED HCI UART Control Protocol.pdf and I'm trying to understand how to use HCI commands described from chapter 3 (WICED HCI Control Protocol Definition). For example I'm trying to use rese...
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  • Using CYBLE0130025 Eval board in Binary Mode

    Hi,   I am trying to use CYBLE_0130025 Eval board to learn EZ Serial Binary command mode.   I have kept Switch 1-4 in OFF position and Switch 5-6 ON Position.   I am using Realterm to see if after se...
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  • can't program BCM20737s via HCI UART

    Hi   I'm working on a project with a costom board that integrate BCM20737s module. In this project I have to be able to program BTLE module through main CPU of the board via HCI UART (BTLE code and mimi driver ...
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  • How to change Transmit power to 9 db on CYBT-353027-EVAL board ?

    Dear All,   Would please help me to figure out how i can change Transmit power to 9db on CYBT-353027-EVAL?   Thanks
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  • bcm20737s not programmable any more

    Hi all   I'm trying to implement my own C code to program BCM20737s through UART port. I've generated my appication with WICED Smart IDE that I've tested downloading it  .   Now I'm trying to program...
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  • P_UART and other questions for 20737S

    P_UART question There may be two sets of P_UART pins P32 (Tx) and P33 (Rx) P0 (Tx) and P2 (Rx)   I have used P32/P33 for debug traces. Would it be possible to use the following set-ups at the same time? Use P32/P...
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  • recovery option on 20737S

    Hi,   We have gotten too frequently programming failure and recover them with recovery option on our custom board, so we have 2 questions about recovery option. 1. what different between usual programming and r...
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  • How can 4 devices in a Bluetooth piconet remain time synchronized to within 1 millisecond of each other?

    I have 4 devices communicating in a Bluetooth piconet, where 1 device is the master device and 3 devices are slave devices.   I want to time synchronize the 4 devices to within 1 millisecond using Bluetooth comm...
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  • Need fast way for Bluetooth piconet of four devices to continue communication when "master" device shuts off

    I have a piconet of 4 devices, where 1 device is a master and 3 devices are slave.   Communication continuously occurs between master and the slaves.   But then the master is shutdown at an arbitrary time....
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  • Downloading firmware from another CPU

    I'm using the Anaren WICED BLE module (A20737-based).  Is it possible to use the HCI (or peripheral) UART connection directly from another CPU on the board to download firmware into the part?  I'm looking fo...
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  • New Adaptive frequency hopping implementation

    Hi   I need to implement my own channel mapping based on a different scenario.  For example, in the list of bad channels and good channels which use RSSI or PER  I want to increase the BER for good cha...
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  • GPIO_Read command doesn't work in BlueTool on BCM20737.

    I want to read GPIO status through HCI commands. Firstly, I tried to use BlueTool(v1.9.6.2) to do this on BCM920737TAG-03. But I found two issues. 1. GPIO pin number's range of "GPIO_Read" command is 0~31, but "GPIO_...
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  • Can application receive data from HCI UART on BCM20737?

    Hi,   Can application read data from HCI UART(Not PUART) on BCM20737? I did the following steps on BCM920737TAG:      1. Disconnect UART_RX      2. Reset   &...
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  • BCM20737S reasons for corrupt EEPROM

    Every now and then (very rarely), we have this issue where a download will fail with no apparent reason and then we would not be able to download the firmware anymore. We have to bring the part into download mode by...
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  • Is there a programming specification document for CYW20737S? Can you provide the details of how it should be programmed? (For mass production)

    Other than using the WICED Studio, how can we create a own programmer for this device? What are all the interface can be used? Any protocol level details on how the boot code is sent? Any examples?
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