• LED blinking on CYBLE-013025 (Chip 20737)

    Hello,   maybe someone has a hint for me. I try to get the LED to blink on my CYBLE-013025-EVAL.   I downloaded the Wice Smart SDK 2.2.3 and the Platform files for CYBLE_013025_EVAL.   I got my modul...
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  • UART to RS485

    Hi, I'm using a custom board BCM20736S. I use the UART (P32, P35) to communicate with a computer. This work fine with no problem. But now, I would like to use an UART - RS485 convert to communicate in RS485. So I ne...
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  • piezo buzzer with  20736 ?

    Hi I would like to connect a Murata piezo buzzer on a 20736 SOC But I am using   3 Channels to drive LED W hat are my option ? Which pin can I use to rive the piezo   Can I use PWM2_OUTPUT_ENABLE_P28 ...
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  • [BCM20736S] Is it OK to apply voltage to GPIO pins while power is OFF?

    Hi,   Could someone answer to the following question?   Are there any issues to supplying voltage to GPIO pins while BCM20736S is powered off ( No power supply to VBAT)?   It's something that is not ...
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  • Issue Blinking 3 led using PWM on dual bonded pin

    I want to blink every second green, blue or red based on a state machine green no connected blue connected red ready to send a special alarm notifcation   So every second the state is changed between off to on fo...
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  • LED with PWM

    Hello, here is how you can turn on an LED using PWM. Include Library #include "pwm.h" #include "gpiodriver.h" Define Macros #define LED_RED    26  /* PWM 0 */ #define LED_BLUE   27...
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  • Is LED-port defineable?

    Can the LED-port be defined (for 20737) when using bleprofile_LEDBlink() ?   Our board has the LED connected to P27.   The same question arrises for the button port.
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  • Can't input pin be read that is also used as interrupt?

    An input port of a 20737 is defined as pull-up and interrupt (for a button). Reading the input always returns the same value no matter whether the pin is connected to ground or not. When not registering the interrupt...
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  • GPIO_Read command doesn't work in BlueTool on BCM20737.

    I want to read GPIO status through HCI commands. Firstly, I tried to use BlueTool(v1.9.6.2) to do this on BCM920737TAG-03. But I found two issues. 1. GPIO pin number's range of "GPIO_Read" command is 0~31, but "GPIO_...
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  • SK6812 LED strip and 2073X BLE

    Hi I'd like to program some SK6812 LED strip with the WICED BLE. There is some ARM0 sample code out there for NXP LPC810 ARM0 competitor or STM32 This library uses a bitbanging approach with active CPU waiting GitH...
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  • strange behavior of GPIO P33:

      We use the BCM20736S and we found some strange behavior of GPIO P33:   We want/must to use this GPIO P33 as an ADC input.   After power on or reset everything is OK, but after wakeup from LPM this ...
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  • 20737 ledblink demo

    Is there anyone can give me some simple demo for 20737.Such as ledblink. Just this function.Anything else should be delete.As simple as it can be . If there is ,thanks! my mail adrress : 13523698526@163.com
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  • gpio_configurePin(0, 0, 0x100, 0)

    Hi, BoonT_56MichaelF_56      We have a question about BCM20736S enter deep sleep.    In APP of "RTC", when enter deep sleep, there is one configuration to P0 as below:   // Demo going ...
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  • Basic Question - How to output data using the second COM port

    I'm just beginning my work with BCM2073X.   I'm currently using the Hello Client and Hello Sensor Applications to transfer data between two tags. I can see the data being transferred using Tera Term.   He...
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  • GPIO Pin 35 P32 conflict with HCI UART RX

    Hi, Ms./Mr.,   I got some trouble when using GPIO Pin 35 P32 as a LED controller and four Button Keys. The LEDG can not keep low as program control, continuously.   The program control LEDs by interrupt o...
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  • How come the BCM2073XS module has more IO PIN than the counterpart BCM207X SoC chip?

    We have previously designed around BCM20732S module and we are about to use the SoC counterpart BCM20732, then I realized that has few IO pins. How is this possible? Is there any multiplexing operation done on the mod...
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    How can i use GPIO PULLUP/PULLDOWN for GPIO, Using the function     gpio_configurePin(2/16, 2%16, GPIO_EN_INT_FALLING_EDGE,GPIO_PIN_INPUT_HIGH);   or which functions i use...
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  • GPIO Interrupt and sleep mode

    Hi,   The sensor has serial communication interface. When the BCM20737S send a request signal, and the sensor will generate clk and data(similar to 3 wire SPI). I connect the GPIO of BCM20737S and sensor togethe...
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  • Do all GPIO ports support pullup/pulldown when used as an input? (con't)

    As a continuation of the thread here: Do all GPIO ports support pullup/pulldown when used as an input?   I'm looking for the value of the pullup/pulldown resistor values/currents, but can't find it on the module...
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  • Advertisements do not resume after RF is paused using bleprofile_configureGpioForSkippingRf()

    Using the mybeacon sample application as a reference, we designed our BCM20736 based hardware to use P0 as the input to pause RF.   Our GPIO0 settings in platform.h are identical to the tag boards: #define GPIO...
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