• BCM20736S/CYW20736S: DLPostResetDelay_ms meaning in 20736_EEPROM.btp

    Hi all.   I'd like to know how DLPostResetDelay_ms parameter of 20736_EEPROM.btp affects the BCM20736S programming procedure.   Is it written in the EEPROM/Flash and affects the boot timings at any subsequ...
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  • TAG3 Serial Flash Configuration

    This BLOG is a short introduction for configuring the TAG3 board for use with the Serial FLASH. This information is taken from our TAG3 document Manual :  The specified item was not found. and our Quick Start Gu...
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  • Changing BD_ADDR from the application

    Hello,   I would like to change the BLE address  of the device but directly from the device running itself.   I know that the address is stored in the EEPROM in the DS1 at offset 0xFF000015 to 0xFF000...
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  • CYBLE-013025 external programming

    Hello,   is there some way to program the CYBLE-013025 without the Wice SDK in production? I could call the make command via command line, but with this the make is also executed completely.   I only need...
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  • Is there any way to read out data from the eeprom in CYW20736S without corrupting the data?

    Hi,   I encounter a situation which needs to find out the difference between data in eeprom of good unit and 'bad' unit, so I need a way to read out data without corrupting them. Is there any way to achieve thi...
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  • nvram

    Hi, I'm working with a CYBL£-13025 module and I would like to manage the NVRAM. I have follow some example but when I try to write some information on this memory it seems that my device get frozen and I need to...
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  • bleprofile_WriteNVRAM Problem

    Hi guys,   I'm working with a bcm20737 module and lately I'm facing the next problem: I found that sometimes the bleprofile_WriteNVRAM failed writing in some vsID. I found a solution, reading the same vsID afte...
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  • CYW20376S EPROM bleappfwu_writeMem API does not work

    When trying the OTA update using Wiced Smark SDK and a CYW20376S which is a module with internal EPROM. I can't get the bleappfwu_writeMem to work.   refer to ws_upgrade_store_to_nv inside ws_upgrade.c sample f...
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  • recovery option on 20737S

    Hi,   We have gotten too frequently programming failure and recover them with recovery option on our custom board, so we have 2 questions about recovery option. 1. what different between usual programming and r...
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  • how to define dedicate address for constant in WICED SDK

    i want to put constant parameter to special address just like in IAR development IDE, i can use #pragma xxxxx @Location
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  • WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (2)

    Table of Content Overview            Preparing Firmware Image           Create Private and Public Keys &...
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  • BCM20737 will not boot

    We have have BCM20737 units that fail to boot on reset. The micro reads a small amount of data from EEPROM and does not continue to read out the entire application. From analyzing the static sections(SS1 and SS2) of ...
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  • BCM20737S reasons for corrupt EEPROM

    Every now and then (very rarely), we have this issue where a download will fail with no apparent reason and then we would not be able to download the firmware anymore. We have to bring the part into download mode by...
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  • BCM92073X_LE_KIT no device connected, even after recovering EEPROM

    Hi,   I'm using a BCM92073X_LE_KIT, connected to WICED SDK, it has been working fine for the past few months, however today it has stopped working.   Nothing can be seen through the UART terminals.   ...
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  • BCM20737S extra memory on SPI

    Hi, I would like to attach an external memory on the SPI bus and I am not sure if that is going to affect the operation of the internal memory. The way I understand it, this shouldn't affect anything and when progr...
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  • Can't reprogram BCM20736s

    My company is currently having an issues with quite a few of our devices that use the BCM20736s BLE controller. The controller on each device was programmed one time successfully. After we discovered that the radios w...
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  • Is it possible to use BCM20737 Internal ROM to store code and data?

    Hi,   We're using an external 32KB EEPROM to store our code and data. It's almost out of space.   Is it possible to use Internal ROM to store code and data?     Thank you.
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  • How can I read an Unique ID number using SPIFFY1 ?

    My NVRAM is a serial flash connected to SPIFFY1. To protect my system I want to read Unique ID Number from sflash. How can I access this data using SPIFFY1 interface ? Since SPIFFY1 has limited availability for appli...
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  • Settiing BD_ADDR at production stage

    For BCM20736, we are using Avnet for programming EEPROMs. The application loaded into EEPROM was built with setting DLConfigBD_ADDRBase = "OUI******" where OUI is 3 byte number.   We shared the .hex file with A...
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  • How to mass program EEPROM for BCM20736?

    We are using BCM20736 for our product, and have to program EEPROM with our application. How do we do this at production stage?   My specific questions are :   1. I understand Avnet is setup for mass progra...
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