• BCM20737S missing UART bytes

    Hi,   We are using BCM20737S to communicate with another chip using the UART. We are having this problem where once in a while the received messages are incomplete. It is common that the middle part of the UA...
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  • "Windows error 2" when attempting install of WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.1-IDE-Installer on Windows 7

    I am attempting installation on Windows 7, and have made multiple attempts with the same error.   I download and run the exe, but only get as far as LaunchAnywhere going through the initial process as you can se...
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  • Debug 20736S custom board

    Hi,   Is it possible to debug a CYW20736S on custom board with a JLINK? I see nothing in the datasheet (hardware recommandation) ? What J-Link is recommended ?   Thanks
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  • How to change Transmit power to 9 db on CYBT-353027-EVAL board ?

    Dear All,   Would please help me to figure out how i can change Transmit power to 9db on CYBT-353027-EVAL?   Thanks
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  • Recovering CYBT-353027-EVAL board, I already tried SW1 and SW2 combination to factory reset the board with no luck

    Dear All,   I recently bought 2 CYBT-353027-EVAl board. after first try of loading hello_sensor program the device is totally unresponsive.   I tried to factory reset with SW1 and SW2 combination with no l...
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  • 20737 keep button(ing) causes system reset !!!!

    we use Cypress 20737 SOC and based on hello-sensor for ur application in some sensor query and calculation at timer thread (1sec-base).   However, we suddenly find that if user keeps pressing button without sto...
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  • Execution Stops after "create" function [CYW20736A1KML2G]

    Hello all,   Created a sample project to dump trace information on timer call back . (modified one of the WICED application sample) - When the firmware is uploaded to Development board CYW20737_LE_TAG4. I could...
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  • Error when loading application: "recipe for target failed"

      has anyone dealt with similar errors?   Thanks.
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  • WICED sense 2 with WICED Smart IDE

    I just bought WICED Sense 2 kit. Can I use WICED Smart IDE v2.x to download the code to it and debug it? This kit is TAG4 type, isn't it?
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  • 20737S VBat short to GND

    Hi, I set 20 pcs of 20737S based system to test overnight yesterday. Everything worked fine until this morning. When I checked again around noon, I found the temperature of 1 of the 20 pcs is high. Then, check the...
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  • BCM20737S reasons for corrupt EEPROM

    Every now and then (very rarely), we have this issue where a download will fail with no apparent reason and then we would not be able to download the firmware anymore. We have to bring the part into download mode by...
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  • BCM92073X_LE_KIT no device connected, even after recovering EEPROM

    Hi,   I'm using a BCM92073X_LE_KIT, connected to WICED SDK, it has been working fine for the past few months, however today it has stopped working.   Nothing can be seen through the UART terminals.   ...
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  • Undefined ref on strtof

    Hi,   I would like use the API(strtof) on my code. But I got a error message(undefined reference to `strtof') after building my code.   I include the header file(stblib.h) in my code, but the error message...
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  • BLE 20737s module on electric machine RS(RF interference Test) fail?!

    Description: we provide a BLE 20737s module to be as master on electric machine, like air-cleaner. It also receive the sensor value broadcasting from other end-device(slave). Our customer takes their air-cleaner to d...
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  • Energy measurement tool BCM20736S and BCM20737S

    Hi,   in this document: BCM20736S Sleep Example Firmware  is a tool to measure the power consumemation. How can i get this tool? It is available in the SDK? How it works? I want to optimize my code for the...
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  • Disable ALL trace output on PUART

    I have previously posted this on the Atmosphere forum. Had some suggestions to use Anaren platform files, but it makes no difference.   I'm using the PUART for communication with a micro. I've managed to turn off...
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  • Trouble programming TAG4

    I received my new TAG4 last week, but so far I am unable to program it. I have done the following: 1. Upgraded to SDK 2.2.3 2. Set SW4 to VUSB and SW5 to VREG 3. Set all SW6, SW8 and SW9 DIP switches to OFF, except...
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  • Issue of EN 300 328 V1.9.1 and chipload

    Hi boont and mwf_mmfae,   As this thread BCM20737S download fail wtih Chipload and EN 300328 v.1.9.1 Broadcom BCM20737S.   I have some question about chipload and CE regulatory.   Q1:Did the chipload...
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  • BCM20735, Development Boards & WICED SMART READY SDK

    We are going to use BCM20735 chips in our product, but can't find debug boards or evaluation kits for them.   The corresponding Cypress page on "getting started" contains only: "Coming Soon!   WICED SMA...
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  • Trace Decoding Error - Could not find line number 314

    In the Consol Debug Viewer, there is a message, "Trace Decoding Error - Could not find line number 314", appear by app of "hello_sensor" example code. Another app such as "automation_io_server" or "heart_rate_monitor...
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