• BCM20737S RTC clock and setReferenceTime

    Hi,   I am working with BCM20737S and I am using an external 32K crystal. I am able to set the device to deep sleep and keep the clock running. My code follows the rtc_sample code and it is working fine for the...
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  • Do products with BCM20737S SiP modules need additional FCC approval?

    Hi all,   We're getting our product ready to be shipped from Taiwan.  The only emitting device on the board is the BCM20737S module (product is small and similar to a "beacon" - see www.loopd.com).  I ...
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  • BCM20737S RTC clock problem

    I am working with BCM20737S and we have to keep track of time. We have an external 32.768KHz crystal and everything is setup  according to the rtc_sample example. Every second I check the time using rtc_getRTCTim...
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  • HandsFree application in WICED studio for CYW20706 Eval board

    The application demonstrates A2DP Sink and HF profile usage, I found in the code that during playback the I2S clock is 1.411 MHz and during HF call the clock is 256 KHz, I would like to know how this switching is bein...
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  • For Broadcom BT Product, Crystal Tuning Guide

    Dear all,,,   I have been developing our application (barcode reader) with CYW20706-A2 Version. I'm going to do tuning the external crystal (Main Clock / 24MHz) to measure good RF perfromance.   For examp...
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  • System Reset occurs on receiving data over UART interrupt

    Hi,   I am facing an issue that my system reset occur when I receive the data on UART (85 byte stream). I'm using as describe:   1- In UART receive Interrupt function bytes are taken from FIFO 2- Parser ...
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  • How to set the SCA/MCA in BCM2073x

    Hi experts,     How we set/config the SCA/MCA for BLE connection in BCM20736? Is there any interface or API we could use for this setting ?   tks
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  • Using PWM messes up Sys Clk configuration?

    Hi all,   We use this to start a PWM ...     //Accessing the internal clock reference   aclk_configure(512000, ACLK1, ACLK_FREQ_24_MHZ); // Configure to 512 kHz   //Start the PWMs   pwm_...
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  • Resetting RTC internal counter

    When I try to set new time to RTC by rtc_setRTCTime(), the internal counter looks remaining. Then rtc_getRTCTime() returns unexpected time. Is there any way to reset the internal counter?   For example, when I...
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  • ACLK output

    Hi, I've been playing with ACLK a little, and was hoping to find an example app that outputs one of the two ACLK's (0 or 1) directly on their pins.   Pins P32 and P33 have the alternate function "Auxiliary cloc...
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  • BCM20737S Maximum Transmission rate

    Hello,   I am using the BCM20737s to send some data.   I know you can send 20 bytes in one packet over Bluetooth. Is this the maximum?   I have 16bit data, so I will be able to send 10 16bits of data...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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  • 4800 P_UART Baudrate

    Hi, I finally got around to spending a few days working with the BCM920737TAG3 board, and am starting to get the hang of it. I even managed to get 2.2.2 running.   However, one of my main requirements remains ...
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  • BCM20737S - Internal interrupt to do an I2C read

    Hello,   I have a question around the timing of an internal interrupt to do an i2c read to return a 16bit value from a sensor.   My sensor has an interrupt which should fire every 1ms but due to a couple o...
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  • Selecting external 32KHz LPO in source code.

    Hi,   I hope to get answers to the following two questions. I enabled external 32KHz LPO on TAG03 board by connecting it to BCM20737. I have the following function call in my app but the app seems to wor...
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  • clock reference/RTC during deep sleep?

    Hi there,   following the discussion board and by testing the rtc_sample, I've been trying to figure out wether the BCM20737 does support any clock reference during deep sleep (HID off) without an external cryst...
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  • Increment timer on the BCM20737s

    Hello,   I am having some trouble running a interrupt to control reading data from a pressure sensor.   When the interrupt rises it means new data is available and when I do an i2c read the line will fall ...
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  • Using internal 128kHZ Oscillator vs. external oscillator

    Per this thread: Re: clock reference/RTC during deep sleep?   We do not have an external 32kHz crystal on our board.  Is there a simple example of how to setup the rtc_sample application to run off of the i...
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  • Internal vs. External Oscillator

    On page 9 of the 20732S datasheet, it says that the oscillator circuit can be designed for a 32 kHz or 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator and implies in the next sentence that this can be provided externally (characteristi...
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  • Internal vs. External Oscillator voltage amplitude?

    What is the voltage amplitude that the module can accept to the XTALI32K from an external reference clock?
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