• Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?

    Hi, I use cyw20719. Where is classic bluetooth mouse or keyboard example?   Please tell me.
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  • CYBT-343026 communication failed

    Hello   We tried to work with the device CYBT-343026 in HCI mode.   For short period it was working and now we can’t receive any feedback.   We tried to do the hard reset with no success.  ...
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  • IOT Gateway

    Hi I am looking for IOT Gateway for sending and receiving messages from BLE Mesh network. 1) Is there a IOT Gateway already available, If so please share the link ? What are the peripherals available with that? 2)...
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  • 关于Cypress蓝牙芯片的测试模式固件问题

         我想咨询一下Cypress官方或者一些好意的知情人士:Cypress的系列蓝牙芯片,比如CYW20719、CYW20819、CYW20706等这些蓝牙模组是否都有另一版不同的底层固件(firmware)可以支持其作为BT连接中的Master去控制Slave一起进入测试模式(Test Mode),并进行一系列的射频测试操作?
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  • Murata-Type 1GR(CYW20736) + STM32F412 WICED development setup

    Hi we are planning to use BLE module from Murata(Type 1GR) with CYW20736 and interface it externally with STM32F412 to write our application , Can you let me know which platform on WICED I need to use for the developm...
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  • Number of packets sent in a connection interval in BLE and Throughput

    The maximum LL PDU (Packet Data Unit) for BLE 4.1 is 27 Bytes. In these 27 Bytes, the actual data that is transferred as a GATT Write or Notification can be upto 20 bytes, excluding the L2CAP header, Data PDU Header a...
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  • CYW20736(bcm20736) for Apple HomeKit BLE

    hi,all        I have a project plan to use CYW20736 for motion sensor with Apple HomeKit BLE ;   Now, where can download the newset  HomeKit BLE SDK for CYW20736?   Thanks!
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  • New Adaptive frequency hopping implementation

    Hi   I need to implement my own channel mapping based on a different scenario.  For example, in the list of bad channels and good channels which use RSSI or PER  I want to increase the BER for good cha...
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  • CYM 20736 stack connection issue

    Hi All,      I use WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.1 sample application: hello_client to develop ble master application, our master tries to connect 4 max ble slave device. we face a stack issue: application...
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  • Is there a programming specification document for CYW20737S? Can you provide the details of how it should be programmed? (For mass production)

    Other than using the WICED Studio, how can we create a own programmer for this device? What are all the interface can be used? Any protocol level details on how the boot code is sent? Any examples?
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  • BLE 20737s module on electric machine RS(RF interference Test) fail?!

    Description: we provide a BLE 20737s module to be as master on electric machine, like air-cleaner. It also receive the sensor value broadcasting from other end-device(slave). Our customer takes their air-cleaner to d...
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  • How to test BCM20737S PER for CE test?

    From the MBT command I can control BCM20737S transmit data and Receive data, MBT LE_Receiver can sum all received data packets but I don't know how many data packets another BCM20737S have sent out, does anyone know h...
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  • Is linux driver for BCM20707 available? An example .dts fragment to configure the UART & I2S interface on an iMX6 would be a plus.

    Is linux driver for BCM20707 available? An example .dts fragment to configure the UART & I2S interface on an iMX6 would be a plus.
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  • Basic Question - How to output data using the second COM port

    I'm just beginning my work with BCM2073X.   I'm currently using the Hello Client and Hello Sensor Applications to transfer data between two tags. I can see the data being transferred using Tera Term.   He...
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  • Download application of SDK 4.0 to BCM920707V2_EVAL

    hello,   I download application of SDK 4.0 by WICED Client Control to ram. the error: but the SDK 1.33 is OK.   I don't what is the difference between the SDK 4.0 and SDK 1.33.
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  • how to achieve the flow control line function on un-Qualcomm platform in bluesleep.c?

    Dear In bluesleep.c use msm_hs_set_mctrl() to achieve the flow control line function,but this is qualcomm platform's function, can't look its code.Who has the bluesleep.c sample of un-qualcomm platform ?   the ...
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  • How to mass program EEPROM for BCM20736?

    We are using BCM20736 for our product, and have to program EEPROM with our application. How do we do this at production stage?   My specific questions are :   1. I understand Avnet is setup for mass progra...
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  • bcm20736 MAC address

    Does bcm20736 come with a default mac address? Researching through WICED SDK, I see that the mac address can be specified using BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS at compile time. Is that the only mechanism to specify a mac address fo...
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  • Low power mode in BCM20736

    Dear All,   I want to implement Low power modes in BCM20737 BLE chip. Are there an API's available? I read in few documents about power modes in BCM chips and it says there are 2 power modes- Deep sleep mode and...
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  • Arduino + Wiced Sense

    Hi Guys,   I'n just wondering is this possible that connect the wiced sense to android phone and getting all the data value from sensor. Then push all the data to Arduino? or connect wiced sense direct on Arduin...
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