• HCI Commands to enable bluetooth

    Good morning, I tried to enable CYBT343026 bluetooth module by HCI Uart commands, but I can't see it trought bluetooth of my smartphones. To send commands to BT module I use CyBlueTool. I've enabled radio, set tx po...
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  • Customising BLE_PROFILE_CFG parameters in the application

    Hi,   I see within the examples such as hello_client.c that a BLE_PROFILE_CFG struct is defined with all parameters, for example hello_client_cfg   const BLE_PROFILE_CFG hello_client_cfg = {   &#...
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  • Pairing rejected by the Find Me Target.

    I am using CYW920819EVB-02 board.I am try to making simple BLE-based application for the CYW20819 device using the ModusToolbox IDE based on Find Me Profile (FMP) .I am following the user guide provided by the Cypress...
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  • How can I discover the handlers dynamically from the advertisement of services.

    Hello_client project uses hardcoded handlers, How i can discover the handlers dynamically from the advertisement of services.. I have been looking for a long time for an example. Thanks.
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  • Port code developed on PSOC4 to EZ-BLE Module

    I have developed a BLE solution on PSOC4 development kit ( CY8C4248LQI - BL583) and would like to port the code to EZ-BLE modules - in this case more suitable for production.  If possible, can you point me to a d...
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  • Murata-Type 1GR(CYW20736) + STM32F412 WICED development setup

    Hi we are planning to use BLE module from Murata(Type 1GR) with CYW20736 and interface it externally with STM32F412 to write our application , Can you let me know which platform on WICED I need to use for the developm...
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  • How to change Transmit power to 9 db on CYBT-353027-EVAL board ?

    Dear All,   Would please help me to figure out how i can change Transmit power to 9db on CYBT-353027-EVAL?   Thanks
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  • Can I use cyw20737 to develop mesh application?

    Hi cypress     Can I use cyw20737 to develop mesh application ?
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  • can I create virtual com-port from bcm20737 (like modem com-port NOKIA5230)?

    Hello. Some mobile phone (Nokia 5230) have possibility emulate virtual com-port (in Windows) after connection to PC via bluetooth;usually this com-port use like  modem I have to developed bluetooth device (bcm207...
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  • Android connection and disconnection strange behaviour

    Hi to everyone,             Last weeks I've been working on the connection between the bcm20737 and my custom Android app.     For my application I don't need bonding neither ...
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  • bleprofile_WriteNVRAM Problem

    Hi guys,   I'm working with a bcm20737 module and lately I'm facing the next problem: I found that sometimes the bleprofile_WriteNVRAM failed writing in some vsID. I found a solution, reading the same vsID afte...
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  • Number of packets sent in a connection interval in BLE and Throughput

    The maximum LL PDU (Packet Data Unit) for BLE 4.1 is 27 Bytes. In these 27 Bytes, the actual data that is transferred as a GATT Write or Notification can be upto 20 bytes, excluding the L2CAP header, Data PDU Header a...
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  • how to define dedicate address for constant in WICED SDK

    i want to put constant parameter to special address just like in IAR development IDE, i can use #pragma xxxxx @Location
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  • Problem with the advertisement report

    I am developing a Client app. I want to receive the addr of a joystick (I know its address); so, I make a scan and I receive address of other devices, except the joystick. I am sure that my joystick works fine because...
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  • Init Scan Timer_1s Stop

    Hello everyone. I have the following problem. When I put in the code blecen_Scan the timer 1s stopped working. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?
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  • Configuring connection interval (WICED SDK 2.2.2 and BCM20736S)

    We are using WICED SDK 2.2.2 and BCM20736S. We got struck while configuring connection interval.   We followed steps given in the attached document ("EMRF-BCM20732S-BOB-UserManual.pdf") and the connection inter...
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  • New Adaptive frequency hopping implementation

    Hi   I need to implement my own channel mapping based on a different scenario.  For example, in the list of bad channels and good channels which use RSSI or PER  I want to increase the BER for good cha...
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  • BCM20707 hci_ble_hid_dev don't pair ok?

    Hi :     I use the 20706_A2-bluetooth  hci_ble_hid_dev project , when downloadable hcd file , I use IOS phone pair it , and the first it can pair ok , but it don't work well ,  send the report...
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  • BCM20707 hci_ble_hid_dev don't pair ok?

    Hi :     I use the 20706_A2-bluetooth  hci_ble_hid_dev project , when downloadable hcd file , I use IOS phone pair it , and the first it can pair ok , but it don't work well ,  send the repo...
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  • Concurrent connections to multipls peripherals

    Hi Everyone,   Is CYW2073x capable to be configured as Central role and then connect with two Peripheral devices for concurrent transmission (not ADV)? The customer product needs to connect with other two de...
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