• Selection of ADC reference as bandgap vs. Vref, and voltage value of bandgap reference

    Hi,     I am trying to use the ADC but I need to understand how to adjust the reference for the ADC.   I see in the BCM20736 Data Sheet (20736-DS-102-R) on Page 13: "• There is a built-...
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  • strange behavior of GPIO P33:

      We use the BCM20736S and we found some strange behavior of GPIO P33:   We want/must to use this GPIO P33 as an ADC input.   After power on or reset everything is OK, but after wakeup from LPM this ...
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  • How to use adc_readVoltage?

    I'm using BRCM20737S and adc_readVoltage to read some measure which is output byvoltage. But, in some BRCM 207373S,  adc_readVoltage outs a wrong value, sometime. Pleasetell me how to use adc_readVoltage to read ...
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  • Interrupt & ADC input causing problem..

    HI , I am using BCM920737_LE_Kit as a BLE central & interfaced it to the other MCU trough UART , Also i interfaced two sensors to Central device(Resistive Force Sensor as ADC i/p On pin P11 ,Shock Sensor as a Ext...
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  • ADC sample rate

    Is there a way to capture more than one ADC measurement per fine interval? I've looked at all the ADC discussions, and apparently there is no way to execute code any more often than the fine timeout will allow, which ...
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  • ADC Tracking Time

    Is there any data available on the tracking time used by the internal ADC? I haven't been able to find that information in the datasheet. By tracking time I mean the length of time in which the sampling capacitor is ...
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  • BCM2073XS GPIO Basics

    The BCM2073x chip (SoC) has 40 logical GPIOs (P0-P39).   The GPIOs themselves are broken out into three separate ports (meaningful when you start programming):   • P0 through P15 on port0 • P1...
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  • WICED Smart User's Guide

    Table of Contents: Product Selection Product Evaluation WICED Sense Product Development Manufacturing / Production Intro Video Selector Guide Hot Sheet FAQ Data Sheets SDK HW Guide Installation Errors To...
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  • ADC internal reference voltage accuracy

    BCM20737S allows us to use ADC w/o external reference input. In that case, internal 1.2V LDO is used as ADC reference. What is the accuracy of the internal reference? I'd like to measure absolute voltage with high ...
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  • ADC Port Input Resistance of BCM20737S is too small

    Hi all, I am currently using the ADC ports on BCM20737S SiP Module to do some voltage measurements. From the datasheet, the input resistance should be typically 500Kohm (see Table 8 ADC Specifications of BCM20737S d...
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  • Return value of gpio_getPinInput

    Hi   The return value of gpio_getPinInput is BYTE. In short, is the range of the return value from 0 to 255 by default like Analog Input, in't it? How can I use GPIO as Digital Input? I want to get the return...
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  • New WICED Smart ADC Example...

    Special thanks goes out to JacobT_81 for this material   WICED Smart ADC Example
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  • WICED Smart ADC Example

    The attached app shows sample usage of the ADC hardware built into the 36/37/s chips.   To use the app, load it onto a Tag board that has a push button on P0. Run traces on the board. You'll initially see ~0V, a...
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  • A issue about Tag3 battery monitoring

    When we use Tag3 for test in this mode: SW3: 3-VREG; SW2: 3-VCOIN; Pin31(P15): connect to VCOIN; VCOIN: 3V.   The battery monitoring in hello_sensor APP is 0;   When use in this mode: SW3: 3-VCOIN; SW2...
  • How do I adjust blebat.c battery settings?

    Hi all,   I have the battery service working fine, but I would like to fine-tune it.   I invoke blebat_Init() in your application_create function, and then periodically invoke blebat_pollMonitor(). The...
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  • how to set a timer at 2ms

         as the title!what i mean is  that   i what  to  use  a timer at 2ms  to do ADC receive , but i  can not find how to achieve  it ! is there anyone c...
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  • How is 20736 detect battery voltage?

    We have a 20736 Tag3 board,and when test with it ,find battery voltage is allway 88 with app "hello server". What's wrong with it?If we want detect battery voltage,how to work?Any hardware to add?
  • Questions related to the ADC implementation on the BCM2073XS...

    This came in via email from userc_13960, but I thought it may make sense to post here since the documentation for the ADC functionality is very limited:   ===================Begin   We’re confused ab...
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  • ADC units, Volts or Millivolts?

    This came to me as a personal message from userc_17331   From the comment in adc.h (line 47), the return value's unit is in Volts.   However, the debug trace output data of ADC port shows that the return ...
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  • adc_readSampleRaw gets negative value

    In SDK2.1.1, I tested adc function in BCM920736. When 0.2xxV is applied, adc_readSampleRaw outputs negative value. I understood that too high voltage over Vadc can make the output negative, but can the too low volt...
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