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The iOS application is written to scan for WICED Sense Kit around your iOS device , connect to it and start publishing the sensor data to quickstart.()IBM Internet of Things Foundation


iOS application


You can refer to the iOS attached applicaiton, this iOS application generated a random cliend ID which can be fed in quickstart page to see the data.

External packages used : BLE library for iOS, Moscapsule for MQTT library

Note : size classes are not used, resolution for different iOS devices might not be scaled

WICED Smart SDK setup


1. You can use the WICED Sense SDK as is or you can program the WICED Sense using the WICED Smart SDK, you can download the WICED Smart SDK from

2. The WICED sense comes with default firmware loaded to keep advertising the five sensor data ( Gyro, Accelerometer, e-compass,temperature and humidity

3.With in the SDK there is a sample application called wiced-sense , the default applicaiton loaded on all sense tags. You can modify based on your needs and download the application to your hardware using the below make target





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